How to calculate fertile days in a woman (fertile period)

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To calculate the fertile period or the fertile days it must be considered that in a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, the most fertile day is the 14th day. Your last menstruation and ovulation may occur 3 days before the 14th and 3rd days after this closes, when these women are most fertile.

These accounts can be useful to program an embarrassment or protect yourself from an embarrassment not desired.

Put your data in the calculator next and know when your fertile period will be:

How is the calculation performed?

To calculate the fertile period it is necessary to mark in a calendar the closings in which the menstruation is low for several months and see if the cycles are regular or no. The duration of a regular menstrual period is from 28 to 35 days, below or above the ideal period, consult a gynecologist because it is not considered a normal situation.

The most fertile day is always the mitad of the menstrual cycle, if the rule is low every 30 days, the most fertile day will be the 15th and the calculation must be carried out from the first day on which menstruation falls, without embargo, it should also be considered such as fertile days 3 days before and 3 days after the 15th, and these siete days conform to the period or the most fertile days of the woman. If she does not want to be embarrassed, she should use some contraceptive method during this period.

See the video below for more details on how to calculate the fertile period:

How to calculate the fertile period with irregular cycles

Calculating the fertile period in women with irregular cycles is not very safe, it is not for those who wish to be embarrassed or for those who do not want to, because as menstruation does not always arise in the same period it is possible to remove the accounts and equivocarse.

However, a way to find out when the fertile period is in women with an irregular menstrual cycle, and note down the duration of each menstrual cycle for a year, if you have 18 days left in the menstrual cycle but short and 11 days in the menstrual cycle wider.

For example: If the shortest cycle was 22 days and the longest cycle was 28 days, then: 22-18= 4 and 28-11=17, to choose, your fertile period will be between the 4th day and the 17th day of the menstrual cycle .

A more accurate way of knowing what the fertile period is in case of having an irregular cycle for women who want to be embarrassed and resort to the ovulation test that is sold in pharmacies. Likewise, it is necessary to keep an eye on the signs of the fertile period as, for example, the appearance of a transparent vaginal flow, which is similar to the clear color of huevo. See how the ovulation test is performed.

For those women who do not want to be embarrassed, the tabla is not a very effective method, and that is why it is important to use safe and effective contraceptive methods, such as the use of condoms or the ingestion of contraceptive pills.

Signs and symptoms to identify the fertile period

The main symptom of the fertile period is the increase in vaginal secretion, but there are others that appear when the ovum is released by the ovaries and arrives until the fallopian tubes, being ready to be fertilized by the sperm and start embarassment. These are:

  • Transparent vaginal secretion: it’s the first sign of ovulation and that the fertile period is arriving. In this phase there is the release of a hormone called estradiol that produces more vaginal fluid than usual, it is as if there was a lubrication mechanism that favors the entry of sperm into the vaginal canal. The woman will notice a liquid in her vagina similar to the clear one from the huevo.
  • Appearance of acne and spine: It is one of the signs when most women can notice that they are ovulating, this is because the skin becomes more greasy at this stage and these spines can appear, even after adolescence.
  • Slight increase in body temperature: It occurs because the follicles release the eggs, increasing the amount of a hormone called progesterone, which is responsible for the increase in body temperature by 0.3 to 0.8 ºC. It can be measured with a thermometer when waking up, without getting out of bed.
  • Increase in sexual libido: Occurs by the increase in hormonal levels, making the woman feel more beautiful, attractive and with greater sexual desire.
  • Appetite increase: During the ovulation phase, an increase in appetite is normal due to which the body is preparing for a possible embarrassment, due to which hormones trigger a response of the body.
  • Dolor de vientre: At the peak of all these symptoms, some women may experience cramping pains that appear and disappear, which is a complete indication that they are ovulating.
  • Irritation and emotional instability: Some women present an unstable mood and this can also indicate that they are in the fertile period.

When the vaginal discharge becomes more fluid and transparent, the spermatozoa find it easier to reach the egg. The increase in body temperature occurs due to the effort that the body makes to prepare for fertilization and the other symptoms that occur with the woman being more attractive and more receptive to intimate contact.

Women who try to be embarrassed and find it difficult to calculate their fertile period or cannot identify the symptoms, can choose to carry out an ovulation test that can be purchased at the pharmacy.

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