Bach flowers: what they are, how they work and how to take

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Bach Flowers is a therapy developed by Dr Edward Bach, which is based on the use of medicinal floral essences to restore the balance between mind and body, allowing the body to become more free for the healing process.

The therapy with the flowers is completely natural, it has no contraindications and uses 38 different types of essences, which help to expel negative emotions from the body, such as fear, hate, worry and indecision.

Bach flowers should be used as a complement to conventional medical treatment and should not replace the doctor’s indications, especially if they are being used without the supervision of a floral therapist.

How Bach Flowers Work

According to the creator of Bach’s flowers, Dr Edward Bach, the state of mind and emotions, play a key role in the appearance and healing of different health problems. Es decir, when a person is feeling negative emotions, such as fear, anger or insecurity, for example, it is easy to lose the balance between his mind and his body, which can lead to the appearance of illnesses.

In such a way, the objective of las flores de Bach is to restore this balance by helping the person to accept and work on his emotions. For example, when a person feels sick, he has to work hard, if he feels a lot of stress, his ability to relax should improve, so that his body and his mind can be in tune again, avoiding fighting different types of health problems.

How to choose the correct flowers

The 38 flowers of Bach were divided into 7 different types of categories:

  1. Fear;

  2. insecurity;

  3. Loss of interest;

  4. Soledad;

  5. Sensitivity increase;

  6. Despair and despair;

  7. worry.

Even within the same category, each flower has its specific indication and for this reason, to choose the best flower, it is recommended to consult a floral therapist, who will evaluate the person and try to identify, through their behavior and symptoms, which they are emotion that could be out of balance.

Since a problem can have several emotional changes on its basis, more than one flower can be used in the treatment, generally, up to 6 or 7 at the most.

What is the Rescue remedy?

The rescue remedy is a prepared mix, which combines 5 different types of flowers, developed by Dr. Edward Bach. The rescue remedy can be used in cases of emergencies, caused by daily stress, to help overcome difficult and stressful situations, such as having an exam or a job interview.

The flowers that contain this mix are: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis.

How to use flowers correctly

There are 3 main methods for using Bach flowers:

1. Dilution in a water vessel

This method consists of diluting 2 drops of each floral essence, indicated by the therapist, in a water vessel and drinking it during the course of the day or at least 4 times a day. If you don’t drink it all during the day, it is possible to store it in the refrigerator to drink the next day.

This method is most used for short treatments.

2. Dilution in a cuentagotas bottle

Place 2 drops of each Bach flower, as indicated by the therapist, inside a 30 mL cuentagotas bottle, fill the remaining space of the bottle with filtered water until completing 30 mL. Drink 4 drops of the mixture at least 4 times a day. The dropper bottle can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

This method is the most used, for those who need to carry out a more extensive treatment, as it helps to reduce the waste of the floral essence.

3. Put it directly on the tongue

This is the method that can be more difficult for those who are starting to use the flowers, as they are not diluted, having a very intense flavor. In this method, the flowers in drops must be placed directly on the tongue, 2 drops are added whenever necessary.

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