16 weeks of embarazo: development of the baby and changes in the woman

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weeks of gestation: 16 weeks

equals a month: 3rd week of 4th month

Equivalent to the days: 106 to 112 days of gestation

In the 16th week of pregnancy, the baby’s development is marked by the complete development of the internal ear, which allows the baby to start listening to the first sounds. La cabeza, despite the fact that it is great in relation to the body, it is well formed, the eyes have changed and the children present the first eyelashes.

In this phase, the baby is active in the uterus, moving and playing with the umbilical cord, and these movements can start to feel the woman, in some cases.

During this week, the breasts of women have more volume and the vientre you can observe, you can make it difficult for you to not find a comfortable position to sleep. In addition, the weight of the uterus on the bladder can cause a little leakage of urine or urinary incontinence.

The 16th week of pregnancy is the last week for the second prenatal consultation, so it is important to refer to the results of the exams requested by the doctor in the first consultation.

baby development

In the 16th week of pregnancy, the baby’s head is a great relationship with the body and the eyelashes and the eyes are formed. The eyes are covered by the parents that you can move from one side to the other and manage to see the clarity.

The baby’s heart barks at an accelerated rate, around 150 to 180 times per minute and pumps approximately 24 liters of blood a day, which will continue to increase as the baby develops. The blood vessels are already formed, leaving the skin of the baby more pink, even though it is slightly transparent.

The taste buds are already formed and the baby can perceive the taste of the amniotic fluid swallowed through the suction movements that will serve as a reflection for the future lactation.

The internal sound is already formed and the baby can hear the sounds, it is a good time for the woman to talk to the baby and play music to sing that they will be recognized when the baby is nazca.

In this phase of pregnancy, the muscles are already developed and the baby is active, if you move more and play with the umbilical cord, so some women can start to feel the baby’s first movements slightly.

Baby size and weight

The size of a 16-week-old baby is around 12.4 centimeters, which is equivalent to the size of an avocado. The baby’s weight this week is approximately 144 grams.

Changes in the woman’s body

In the 16th week of the embarazo, the woman is with more disposition, and she does not have the symptoms of morning nausea and excessive tiredness. However, the symptoms of stress, sensitivity in the moods, headache and seas may continue and a little difficulty in sleeping may arise due to the increase in life.

Losses are more voluminous and the window continues to increase in size, becoming more and more noticeable. The weight of the uterus on the bladder and the weakening of the pelvic muscles can cause urinary leakage or urinary incontinence, especially when the woman coughs or stomps.

In this phase of pregnancy, the mother can see the difference in the weight that must have increased from 4 to 5 kg on the scale. It is normal to have increased around 2 kg in the first trimester, and from the 4th month onwards she should gain weight, on average 0.5 kg per week, for a healthy weight.

However, it is important to control the diet as the baby is more developed and needs more energy to continue growing, many women can feel an increase in their appetite.

Care during week 16

In the 16th week of pregnancy, some precautions are important to help alleviate the discomforts that may arise, such as:

  • stress: practice physical exercise regularly recommended by the doctor to help improve bowel movements, eat more fiber in the form of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as drink at least 8 vases of water a day to keep your body hydrated helps to alleviate this malaise;
  • Sensitivity in the feelings: use a soft tooth brush, continue brushing teeth and use tooth brush regularly. In addition, it is recommended to consult a dentist to evaluate oral health;
  • headache: sit back, rest and relax in quiet environments with little light or putting a cold compress in front of you or at the back of your head can help alleviate discomfort. In case the headache does not improve, it is necessary to inform the doctor who can indicate the use of medication. However, if the pain does not improve or is constant, you should seek immediate medical help, which can be a high pressure signal. Learn more about how to relieve headache pain in embarassment;
  • tides: avoid long periods of sitting and getting up slowly after lying down or sitting down helps to improve the seas. In addition, it is recommended to eat every 2 or 3 hours and drink at least 8 vases of water a day to keep the body hydrated. However, if the sea does not improve, if it becomes more intense or if symptoms of abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding arise, you should inform your doctor immediately;
  • urine leakage: Performing exercises for the perineum and pelvic muscles can help reduce this discomfort by being a good option for Kegel exercises. Learn how to perform Kegel exercises;
  • increases in appetite: eat small healthy snacks during the day that include fruits, nueces, cheese and cut vegetables, which are easy to prepare and nutritious. In addition, sweets, fried foods and fast food should be avoided, as they have many calories and do not offer nutrients to the baby or the mother. Find out how to get a healthy diet in the embarazo;
  • difficulty sleeping: sleeping with a pillow or pillow between the legs and lying on your side or in a position where the woman feels comfortable helps to reduce the discomfort that makes it difficult for her to sleep.

It is important to follow the obstetrician’s recommendations, practice physical activity such as yoga, pilates, walking or hydrogymnasia, whenever they are indicated by the doctor, as they help to control the weight, give a good feeling, improve the skin and strengthen the musculature. In addition, you should continue to take the supplements recommended by the doctor and take a nutritious and balanced diet, including fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables, which are rich in important nutrients for the healthy development of the baby.

main exams

The 16th week of pregnancy is the last week for the second prenatal consultation in which the doctor evaluates the mother’s health and the development of the baby through the physical exploration and the results of tests requested in the first prenatal consultation.

In addition, the doctor must request a new hemogram so that the woman can get the result at her next appointment. Find out more about how prenatal consultations are carried out.

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