What to eat to cure candidiasis faster (with menu)

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To help cure candidiasis faster, you should consume propolis, uva ursi tea, mint or manzanilla and probiotics, such as yogurt and kefir, for example. In addition to this, you should increase the consumption of healthy fats, such as fish, coconut oil and consume vegetables and whole grains, which strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation, being useful to treat candidiasis and prevent new infections.

It is also important to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and avoid sweet foods and alcoholic beverages, as they favor the multiplication of the mushroom Candida albicans, that causes candidiasis, worsening the symptoms, such as la comezón y el flujo.

However, although these foods can help to cure candidiasis faster, it is essential to follow the medical instructions to carry out the proper treatment.

Foods to Cure Candidiasis

The foods that help to cure candidiasis are those that strengthen the immune system, improve the intestinal flora and help control the vaginal pH such as:

1. Probiotics

Probiotic foods, such as natural yogurt, kefir and kombucha, are rich in bacteria that favor intestinal health and increase the immune system, helping to reduce the development of pathogenic microorganisms, preventing and controlling candidiasis. Probiotics can also be obtained in capsules, always being recommended by a doctor or nutritionist. See more about the benefits of probiotics and how to consume them.

2. Propolis

The oil is made by the bees from trees and other plants, and is considered a good natural remedy to combat Candida albicans, since they are rich in substances, such as flavonoids, which act by increasing the immune system and preventing the development of this fungus in the organism. The oil can be ingested daily in the form of tea, with water and lemon or just diluted in water. Find out more about oil and other ways to ingest it.

3. Natural herbs

Several natural herbs can help control the growth of candidiasis and reduce inflammation, such as mint, manzanilla, oregano, perejil, uva ursi, romero, tomillo, jengibre, cinnamon, anise, cilantro, albahaca, ajo and onion. These herbs can be consumed with food or to take full advantage of their properties, in the form of tea or infusions.

See some home remedies to help cure candidiasis.

4. Healthy fats

The essential fatty acids that contain fatty fish, such as salmon, tuna and cabbage, in addition to avocado, olive oil, grapes, linseed and chia seeds, linaza and calabaza, reduce inflammation in the body and increase the immune system , helping to cure candidiasis faster.

In addition to this, according to a study carried out, coconut oil contains properties that help to reduce the development and growth of candida, being a very useful food to adhere to the diet against this type of infection. [1]

5. Whole grain cereals

Whole grain cereals, unlike white harinas or refined foods, while conserving their nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, help to strengthen the body and increase defenses, such as wholegrain bread, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and oatmeal, improving treatment against candidiasis.

6. Fruits and vegetables

It is important to consume all kinds of vegetables, such as broccoli, calabaza, zanahoria, spinach, onion, coliflor, among others, which are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, strengthening the body’s defenses.

Fruits should also be consumed, preferring those that are low in sugar, such as cranberries, fresas, pears, cherries, manzana, guayabas, raspberries, ciruela, sandía, melon and papaya.

Foods prohibited in Candidiasis

The prohibited foods are those rich in sugars and yeasts, such as sweets and pans, they can stimulate the growth of microorganisms, in addition to alcoholic beverages, which also favor the development of candida and weaken the immune system. Therefore, consumption of:

  • Sugar and sweets in general, such as maize jarabe, miel, golosinas, pasteles, budines and fruit juices.

  • Drinks: industrialized yokes, soft drinks, alcoholic and energy drinks;

  • White harinas y elaboraciones con levadura, all kinds of harinas other than integrales, pasteles, pan blanco, botanas, galletas and all kinds of pasta;

  • Some nuts, como los pistachos, nueces y cacahuate;

  • Some Dairyespecially those that are rich in lactose, such as milk and fresh cheeses or maturation;

  • Fried foods and processed foods, like they are canned, snacks, french fries, frozen foods, fast food and concentrated broths;

  • processed meats, like laschichas, chorizo, tocino, jamón, pechuga de pavo and bologna.

In addition to these foods, stress, poor quality of life, the use of antibiotics, contraceptives, corticosteroids and laxatives, can alter the intestinal flora or decrease the immune system, favoring the emergence of candidiasis.

Example menu for Candidiasis

The table below shows a 3-day sample menu of foods that help fight candidiasis:

foods Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
breakfast 1 pot of natural yoghurt + 1 wholemeal pan with huevo Tea of ​​mint+ 2 slices of wholemeal bread with avocado and tomato 1 vase of cranberry juice + 2 huevos revueltos seasoned with garlic, oregano and tomato
Morning meal 1 vase of coconut water + 1 manzana with cinnamon 1 natural yoghurt + 1 cup of calabaza seeds Ursi tea + 1/2 papaya
Almuerzo / Scene Calabacin paste with ground beef and natural tomato salsa with albahaca, ajo + 1 to 2 cups of raw salad + 1 tablespoon of coconut or olive oil

4 spoonfuls of wholegrain rice + 2 spoonfuls of beans + Pollo chopped into strips with natural tomato salsa seasoned with Romero and oregano + 1 spoon of vegetables cooked with 1 spoonful of coconut or olive

Calabash and potato puree + 1 medium-sized fish fillet with cooked vegetables + 1 tablespoon of coconut or olive oil
afternoon snack Té de manzanilla with 3 wholemeal galletitas greased with hummus 1 kefir yoghurt blended with 5 slices + 2 tablespoons of oatmeal 1 natural yoghurt + 2 tablespoons of inflated quinoa + 1 ciruela

The items included in the menu vary according to age, sex, physical activity and health status, so it is ideal to consult a nutritionist so that he can carry out a plan adapted to his needs.

This diet for candidiasis must be carried out for a minimum of 3 months, to achieve the desired results, improving symptoms and preventing new crises, and not excluding the use of medication prescribed by the doctor.

But to make sure it’s candidiasis, take our test online.

See more advice on how to get rid of candidiasis, through food, in the video below:

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