Muelas del Juicio: how the surgery is performed and when it is indicated

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The muelas del juicio are the last 4 days at birth, appearing at approximately 18 years of age, and it may take years to fully emerge. However, it is common for the dentist to indicate his extraction through a small surgery because there are many people who do not have enough space in their mouth or because they have caries.

The extraction of the muelas del juicio is carried out in a dental office with the use of local anesthesia. In the post-operative period, the individual should not eat or drink anything for at least 2 hours and in case of presenting much pain after the surgery, an analgesic should be taken every 4 hours and rest for 1 day at least.

The complete recovery of the extraction of the muelas del juicio can take up to 1 week, but this period may vary depending on the complexity of the surgery and the number of extracted muelas.

Muelas del Juicio

Muelas del Juicio

main symptoms

When the muelas del juicio have caries it is normal that there is a bad aliento, but when they become inflamed they can generate symptoms such as:

  • Acute knee pain, which creates a sensation of palpito en la encia;
  • Pain in the face, around the jaw;
  • You could have headaches;
  • Enrojecimiento in the region where the muelas del juicio were born.

These symptoms can occur when the muelas del juicio are naciendo, but they are more bearable. When the muelas del juicio doesn’t have enough space to be born, it can start to be born twisted, stop being born for a period and after a few months it will be born again.

When you need to extract them

Generally, the dentist recommends the extraction of the muelas del juicio when:

  • The patient can’t get out of there and he’s trapped;
  • The patient is coming from the wrong angle, putting pressure on other people;
  • There is not enough space in the jaw to receive the new patient;
  • When las muelas del juicio tienen caries or there is a disease in las encías.

In addition, if during the birth of the trial the pain becomes very intense and unbearable, the doctor can also advise that the tooth be extracted so as not to cause more discomfort. See some natural ways to relieve the pain of knee pain.

After the extraction of the muelas del juicio, the healing of the region takes approximately 1 week, due to the most common reasons that the dentist recommends that you remove more from a muela del juicio a la time, to prevent the person from passing through it. healing process several times in a row.

How is the surgery to extract the muelas del juicio

Before extracting the skin, the dentist will evaluate whether it is necessary or not to take antibiotics for 8 days before the surgery, in case there are signs of caries or inflammation, in order to prevent infections and for the anesthesia to have an effect.

On the day of extraction, the dentist will anesthetize the part of the mouth necessary to extract the diet, and the continuation with specific instruments will alejar the muela del juicio de los otros dientes removing it. If the diet is not born, a cut can be made in the body until where the face is located so that it can be extracted.

After the extraction, the dentist will close it with some points and if necessary, he will place a sterile compress in the region, so that the person kills this compress and the bleeding starts.

The most easy to extract patients are those that are not inflamed and are not included, providing a much faster recovery. In the case that the court system is included, the surgery for its extraction may take longer and the recovery may be a little slower due to the size of the cut in the mouth.

Muela del juicio with caries

Muela del juicio with caries

post-operative care

After extracting las muelas del juicio, the dentist will give you some recommendations such as:

  • bite a compress that the dentist leave it inside the mouth to avoid bleeding, remaining with it for 1 to 2 hours;
  • Avoid consuming hot foods y prefer liquid or bland cold foods, for at least 24 hours;
  • In making gargars, do not use mouthwash on the day of the surgery because it can cause irritation and bleeding during the first 24 hours;
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush cepillarse the patients with care during the first 48 hours;
  • Put on cold compresses in the face to reduce inflammation and pain;
  • keep at rest and avoid making efforts for at least 24 hours, because the longer it takes, the more pain you will feel;
  • Physical activity can resume 3 to 5 days later of the extraction of the muelas.

It is normal on the side of the face where the muela was removed if it swells, so the dentist may recommend taking an anti-inflammatory drug such as Ibuprofen. It is also possible to carry out a lymphatic drainage that will help to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. See other post-operative care to accelerate healing.

How to accelerate healing

So that the tissues of the body can heal faster, reducing the pain and the swelling, you should eat foods rich in protein such as cooked huevo, shredded chicken or grilled fish, for example. These foods contain the nutrients that the body needs to close the wound faster, accelerating healing.

Learn more about healing foods.

Warning signs to help the dentist

You should go to the dentist if after the wisdom tooth extraction, symptoms such as:

  • Fever above 38ºC;
  • Increase of the hinchazón in the place of the extraction of the muela;
  • Very intense pain that lasts a long time;
  • Excessive bleeding.

In addition to this, if it seems that some piece of food is inside the herida, you should also go to the dentist, to remove and avoid the development of an infection in the place, for example. Generally, when some piece of food falls trapped inside the herida, it is common to feel a lot of sensitivity or sensation of palpitation.

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