How the mother’s Rh factor can the priest affect the embarazo

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When a woman has a Rh negative and comes into contact with the baby’s Rh positive blood during childbirth, for example, her body may react by producing antibodies against the Rh positive, increasing the risk of the baby being born with severe anemia, which can be have consequences in its development.

There are usually no complications during the first embarrassment because the woman only comes into contact with the baby’s blood during childbirth, but there is the possibility of an accident or an invasive emergency medical procedure that can be put in contact with the mother’s blood with her of the baby, and in the event that this happens, the baby may undergo serious changes.

The solution to avoid sensitization of the mother to Rh is that the woman applies an injection of immunoglobulin during pregnancy, so that her body does not form positive anti-Rh antibodies.

What is the risk of the mother’s Rh negative and the baby’s positive?

The main risk of Rh negative of the mother and positive of the baby is fetal erythroblastosis, also known as a hemolytic disease of the newborn, which is more frequent than it occurs during the second embarrassment. In fetal erythroblastosis, the woman’s organism produces antibodies against the baby’s blood, and she identifies it as a “foreign body” that must be eliminated.

For this reason, due to the production of antibodies against the blood of the baby, it is common that this Nazca with severe anemia, has a yellow skin and a greater risk of infection. Furthermore, in some cases, especially when the illness has not been diagnosed and treatment has not started, it is possible that the baby has changes in the brain and injury to some organs, especially the liver.

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What to do to avoid complications

To avoid complications related to the mother’s Rh and the baby’s Rh, it is important that the prenatal consultations are carried out under the strict evaluation of the doctor, especially when the priest has a positive Rh, since in this case there is a risk that the baby will inherit Papa’s Rh factor is also positive. To know the possible blood type and Rh of the baby, just enter the mother’s and priest’s blood type in the following calculator.

In addition to prenatal consultations, when the woman has a Rh negative and a man has a positive Rh, the doctor can request the performance of blood tests with the objective of evaluating the risk of development of fetal erythroblastosis. Therefore, if there is a risk, treatment with anti-D immunoglobulin can be started, which aims to prevent the production of antibodies against the blood of the baby. The treatment can follow the following scheme:

  • during the embarrassment: apply only 1 injection of anti-D immunoglobulin between weeks 28 and 30 of pregnancy, or 2 injections at weeks 28 and 34, respectively;
  • after childbirth: in case the baby is Rh positive, the mother should apply an injection of anti-D immunoglobulin until 3 days after delivery, in case there is no injection applied during the pregnancy.

This treatment is indicated for all women who want more than 1 child and the decision not to carry out this treatment should be discussed with the doctor. The doctor may decide to carry out the same treatment regimen in each embarrassment, because the immunization lasts for a short time and is not definitive.

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