Normal size of the Pene: until that age grows (and other doubts)

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The period of greater growth of the pen occurs during adolescence, being maintained with a size and thickness even after this age.

The average size of the normal erect penis can vary between 9 to 13 cm, but these measurements may vary according to the country of origin, as there are places with measures higher or lower than the average. In addition to this, only 3% of the men are found outside the average.

When the penis has a very small size, it is known with the name of micropene, which is when the sexual organ measures less than 5 cm. Know more about the micropene and what can happen.

1. How old is the pen?

Since growth occurs mainly during adolescence, most children present development of the pene until the age of 20, after this age it is common that the size remains the same for the rest of their lives.

While the growth of the pen occurs in this period, the rhythm can vary from one child to another, being able to be faster in some cases than in others, however, around 19 years old, the pene must be fully developed.

2. What is the “normal” average size of the penis?

The size of the penis can vary a lot from one man to another, due to which it is related to several factors such as the production of hormones. However, according to studies carried out in several countries, the average size of a flaccid penis is approximately 9 cm, while erect, this value is 13 cm. In relation to the circumference, the value generally varies between 9 and 12 cms.

3. Is it possible to increase the size of the penis?

There are several techniques that promise to increase the size of the penis, but most of them can only produce a small change, without generating the result that most people expect.

See the most used techniques to increase the size of the penis.

4. How to measure the size of the penis?

The size must be measured with the erect penis and to carry out the measurement, the distance between the suprapubic region, which is just above the base of the pene, and the penta del pene must be measured.

When there is accumulation of fat in the suprapubic region, it is possible that the body of the penis ends up being covered and, therefore, the measure may not be correct. In such cases, it is recommended to take the measure at the side.

5. Can smoking reduce the size of the penis?

Cigarettes do not interfere with hormonal production and, therefore, do not affect the growth of the penis. However, as smoking affects several body organs in a negative way throughout the years, it can also interfere with the functions of the pen, especially with erection.

The prolonged use of cigarettes can cause the blockage of some blood vessels, reducing the flow of blood to the pene. When this happens, the man will have less and less blood to produce and maintain an erection, which can cause sexual impotence. He knows what is the impotence and what are their main causes.

6. Can the penis grow bent?

It is more common that the penis grows with a slight inclination to one side or to the other, taking into account that this happens mainly because the urethra does not always accompany the development of the rest of the organ, causing a slight curve.

However, since the curvature does not produce pain and does not prevent penetration during intimate contact, it should not be a cause for concern.

7. Is the size of the penis important?

In several studies carried out on the size of the pene, they concluded that the man is the person most concerned by the size of his own pene, with little concern on the part of the pair.

In addition to this, in most cases, the size of the penis does not prevent the man from having sexual relations or generating an embarrassment.

8. Where should I consult the size of the pene?

In case you are worried about the size of the penis or in case you have any doubts about the development of the male sexual organ or the testicles, it is always best to consult a urologist before trying any home technique to try to change the size .

The doctor is the most qualified person to evaluate the situation and indicate the best forms of treatment.

9. Does masturbation make the penis grow?

No, despite the fact that there are many myths about masturbation surroundings, one of them is that the practice of this activity will grow the pene. This is due to the fact that the size is determined by genetics, however, there are options such as surgery, which ones must be evaluated with a urologist.

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