Ginger water for slimming: how to prepare it and other benefits

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Excess weight creates a chronic inflammatory state in the body due to the constant accumulation of lipids in the adipose tissue. The ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and bioactive compounds that -according to some studies- help to inhibit weight gain, favor the elimination of fats through heces, improve digestion and metabolization of nutrients, in addition to reducing fat accumulated in the liver at the body level, increasing energy expenditure.

In addition, the ginger is a root that because it has properties that help to detoxify the body and combat the retention of liquids, due to its diuretic effect.

Therefore, it is recommended to drink 1 jar of ginger water in a day and at least 2 jars (500 mL) throughout the day to promote weight loss. It is also possible to enhance its effect by adding other ingredients such as lemon, berenjena, cinnamon, mint or cucumber.

How to prepare ginger water

To prepare the water, add 4 to 5 rounds or 2 spoonfuls of grated ginger in 1 liter of cold water, changing the rounds daily to obtain its benefits.

Other benefits of ginger

In addition to promoting weight loss, ginger has benefits for the body such as:

  • Act as an anti-inflammatory;
  • Improve breathing and relieve symptoms of cough and shortness of breath;
  • Prevent nausea and vomiting;
  • Fight acidity and intestinal gas;
  • Relieve the pain caused by arthritis.

In the treatment of pain in the joints, the gum can be used in the form of a tea or as tibial compresses applied directly to the affected area. Know all the benefits of ginger for health.

Recommended quantity and contraindications

The recommended dose to obtain its benefits, which are greater when the jengibre is used fresh and in octopus, varies according to the situation, as indicated below:

  • To treat nausea during embarrassment, after a surgical procedure, due to motion sickness or chemotherapy: 1 to 3 g.
  • For other situations: 1 g.

Jengibre is contraindicated in people who take medication for hypertension and anticoagulants such as Aspirin, and it should only be used in case of gallstones under medical advice. Also, during pregnancy, you should not consume more than 3 grams of ginger a day.

To promote weight loss, see other strategies in the video below:

How to intensify the benefits

In addition to the ginger, you can add to the recipe a yoke of lemon, slices of eggplant, slices of cucumber or cinnamon in water to improve the flavor and obtain the combined benefits of these other foods, which also help to clean the intestine and speed it up. metabolism. Learn some practical and tasty recipes that can be prepared at home:

1. Ginger with lemon

Lemon potentiates the effect of the gum, which is also capable of accelerating metabolism, in addition to having fewer calories and having high concentrations of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that eliminates impurities, strengthens the immune system and improves the functioning of the intestine.

How to prepare: you must prepare a lemonade or expressing the lemon directly in the water vase. Then add a spoonful of grated ginger and mix well.

2. Ginger with mint

In addition to making the most refreshing drink, mint is used to improve circulation, in addition to relieving stomach problems, headaches and inflammation in the muscles.

How to prepare: cut 4 to 5 rounds of ginger and heat to medium fire until hervir. Then add a half cup of mint, wait for it to cool and paste, it can be taken cold or cold.

3. Ginger with cinnamon

In addition to being flavorful and aromatic, cinnamon has several benefits such as blood sugar control, preventing insulin spikes and hyperglycemia.

How to prepare: add 1 spoonful of grated ginger or 5 rounds of ginger and 1 cinnamon stick, los cuales can be left to rest or can be warmed up to that hierva. This drink can be taken cold throughout the day.

4. Ginger with berenjena

The gum is an excellent way to help in the slimming process, as it has a diuretic effect, improving the elimination of toxins, in addition to improving the intestinal transit and reducing the appetite, due to the high fiber content in its composition.

How to prepare: add 1 cup of chopped aubergine with the shell and 1 spoonful of grated ginger in 250 ml of water and beat in the blender, add grated lemon and drink it naturally or cold.

In these recipes, it is also possible to vary the flavors by adding other vegetables, such as cucumber, piña, goji berries and manzanilla. In addition to the effects to lose weight and detoxify the body, it is an excellent way to increase the amount of fluid ingested per day to keep the body hydrated.

Know what is the importance of staying hydrated during the day and what quantity to take.

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