Lipocavitation: what is it, how is treatment and results performed (before and after)

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Lipocavitation is an aesthetic procedure that serves to eliminate the fat located in the belly, the muscles, the cauchitos on the sides and the back, through an ultrasound device that helps to destroy the accumulated fat.

This procedure, also known as cavitation, lipo or liposuction without surgery or without a scalpel, helps to progressively lose volume, leaving the body more shaped and defined, in addition to helping to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce cellulitis.

After each lipocavitation session, a session of lymphatic drainage and aerobic physical activity must be performed to guarantee the elimination of grease, preventing its accumulation in other areas of the body. Furthermore, it is important to maintain a balanced diet to avoid accumulating fat again.

The procedure must be carried out in an aesthetic clinic and takes approximately 40 minutes. The person must get on a bed in underwear and the professional will continue to apply a gel on the area to be treated.

After placing the gel, the equipment is placed in the region to be treated and circular movements are carried out throughout the procedure. This equipment emits ultrasound waves that penetrate the fat cells and stimulate their destruction, directing the rest of the cells to the blood and lymphatic torrent to be eliminated by the organism.

This technique is simple and painless, but during the procedure the person will be able to hear a noise that is generated by the equipment.

The number of lipocavitation sessions varies according to the objective of the person and the amount of accumulated grease, normally 6 to 10 sessions would normally be necessary. When the region to be treated is very large or is made up of a lot of grasa, more sessions can be recommended, which must be held at least 2 times a month.

Normally, the results of lipocavitation are shown on the first day of treatment and are produced progressively, in general, it takes at least 3 sessions to notice the definitive result.

The lipocavitation eliminates around 3 to 4 cm of grease during the first day of treatment and, on average, 1 cm in each subsequent session. It is also necessary to practice physical activity and carry out a lymphatic drainage up to 48 hours after the session, in addition to maintaining an adequate diet to prevent the accumulation of grease from occurring again. The results before the treatment and after can be seen in the photo below:

Lipocavitation has several benefits and directly interferes with self-esteem, increasing well-being, which is why this procedure is indicated for:

  • Eliminate localized grease en la belly, en los cauchitos, jowls, muscles, arms and back, which have not been completely eliminated with diet and exercise;
  • treat cellulitisit breaks the grease cells that form the unwanted “huequitos”;
  • Model the bodylosing volume and having it more slender and defined.

However, this treatment is not indicated when the person is above their ideal weight with a BMI greater than 25 kg/m2 because many sessions are necessary to achieve some result, so lipocavitation is indicated to improve the body contour of persons who are normal weight, having only localized fat.

Lipocavitation achieves excellent results as long as all treatment recommendations are followed. Therefore, to guarantee better results, you must restrict the consumption of fat and sugar, in order to avoid the deposit of new grease, and carry out lymphatic drainage and exercise within 48 hours after each session, for the purpose of prevent the grease removed with the device from depositing in another zone of the body.

To complete the treatment, it is also recommended to drink more water and green tea daily, which is an excellent diuretic, and to eat healthy and low-calorie foods throughout the treatment. You can also use creams with firming or lipolytic action in the treated regions.

In clinical studies, protocols are used that complement lipocavitation with other aesthetic treatments, such as radiofrequency or electrolipolysis, for example.

Although each organism is different and responds differently to the treatment, there are certain essential cares that help to guarantee the success of lipocavitation, such as the following:

  1. Ensure that the procedure is carried out by a trained and certified professional;
  2. Perform aerobic exercises within 48 hours after each session to ensure the elimination of freed fat, being necessary the practice of exercises of high caloric expenditure, such as swimming or running in the walker, for example;
  3. Carry out lymphatic drainage within 48 hours after each treatment, with the purpose of guaranteeing the maximum elimination of the grease and the generated toxins, complementing the treatment;
  4. Ensure that the equipment used is certified, through consultation of the brand, for example;
  5. Ensure that the treatment lasts at least 25 minutes, as a shorter time may not be effective or a greater number of sessions may be necessary to obtain results.

Asimism, food is also a determining factor for the success of lipocavitation, so you should avoid fatty foods such as fried foods, sugary foods such as grilled galletas, processed foods such as sausage, lengthen or frozen instant food. Although lipocavitation is an aesthetic treatment with few risks, it is contraindicated during embarrassment and in cases of obesity or difficult-to-control heart disease.

​This technique is contraindicated in obese, uncontrolled hypertensive people, who have heart diseases such as severe arrhythmia, hypercholesterolemia, liver or kidney diseases, in addition to phlebitis, epilepsy or severe psychiatric conditions.

This procedure is also recommended for people who have prostheses, plates or metal screws in the body, varices or inflammatory processes in the region to be treated. Nor should it be performed on the abdomen in women who have an IUD, not during embarrassment. Furthermore, if the procedure can be performed during menstruation, without embargo, the blood flow should increase.

Although it is a safe procedure and with very low risk for health, if the individual does not follow all the necessary guidelines during the treatment, such as drinking water, performing physical activities and carrying out the lymphatic drainage, he runs the risk of losing the results obtained. during the sessions.

Lipocavitation does not represent any risk for health when it is performed correctly and when the individual respects its contraindications.

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