Is it possible not to take a break from contraceptive pills?

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La mujer can take two boxes followed by contraceptives without ningún riesgo para la salud. However, if it is desired that during menstruation, the contraceptive pill should be changed to one of continuous use, which does not need to be rested, there is no menstruation.

There is no consensus among gynecologists on how many packages of contraceptives can be taken without a break, although some doctors indicate that it is common that after the 4th package it is possible that there are leaks. In addition, not all contraceptives can be taken in a row, without a pause, and there may be an increase in the risk of coagulation problems.

Possible side effects

In general, there are no side effects related to the chance of taking the contraceptive without pause, without embargo it is possible that there is a bleeding of escape, which corresponds to a small bleeding of coffee color. This is because, due to the constant level of hormones, there is a decrease in the thickness of the endometrium, making it thinner and more sensitive, which can favor the occurrence of small bleeds. Find out more about the exhaust bleed.

In addition, some women report that they sometimes feel more inflamed and have more sore breasts, in addition to the common symptoms of contraceptive use. Depending on the contraceptive without pause, it is possible that there is a greater risk of coagulation problems and high pressure. For this reason, it is important to consult a gynecologist before using the tablets continuously and when signs and symptoms arise that may be related to continuous use.

When to use contraceptives continuously

The gynecologist can indicate when the contraceptives are on break when the woman does not want to menstruate or wants to control the symptoms of Pre Menstrual Disorder (PMS). As there is no variation in hormone levels, there is no neurotransmitter imbalance, preventing PMS symptoms. In addition, some studies indicate that the continuous use of the contraceptive reduces the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer in a wide range.

Despite having some advantages, it is important to consult a gynecologist, because some contraceptives were developed so that there was a break between the packages, with the intention of avoiding constant levels of hormones, which could increase the risk of complications.

Why is it necessary to respect the rest of contraceptives?

The break in contraceptive pills must be respected to allow the cleaning of the uterus, since, while the ovaries are not maturing eggs, the uterus continues to prepare itself each month for a possible embarrassment, having a more serious debt to the endometrium.

Because the bleeding that occurs during rest is not a true menstruation, since it does not contain an ovum, it only exists to allow the cleaning of the uterus and to imitate the natural cycle of the woman, making it easier to identify possible cases of embarrassment, when la menstruation no baja.

How to properly rest

The time to rest between pills varies according to the type of contraceptive pill you are taking. why:

  • 21 day pastries such as Yasmin, Gynovin, Belara or Diane 35: the pause is 7 days and, in these days, the woman should not take the tablet. The new blister should start on the 8th day of rest;
  • 24 day pastries like Yasmin 24/4 or Mirelle: the break is 4 days without contraception, the new blister should start on the 5th day. Some blister packs, in addition to 24 tablets, 4 tablets of another color, which do not pose hormones and function as a break. In these cases, the new blister should start the day after the last color tablet ends.
  • 28 day pastries like Cerazette : no necesitan pause, ya that sound of continuous use. In this type of contraceptive there is no menstruation, but small bleeding can occur on any day of the month.

If you forget to take the first pill of the new blister after the break, the ovaries can return to normal functioning and mature an ovum, which can increase the chances of becoming embarrassed, especially if you have had sexual intercourse without having to deal with it during the period of rest. Know what if you forget to take the contraceptive pills.

In some cases, the time for rest may also vary according to the brand of the contraceptive pill and, therefore, it is very important to read the leaflet of the medication to clarify doubts with the gynecologist before starting its use.

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