9 month old baby: peso, sueño and desarrollo

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The 9-month-old baby has more strength and is generally able to sit without support and stay on his feet when he supports himself with an object. In this phase, the baby also has better visual capacity, managing to follow the tray of objects in motion, for example.

At 9 months, the baby manages to communicate a little better, understanding the meaning of the word “no”, in addition to making some sounds, such as “mamá” and “baba”, and using your fingers to point out the things you want.

In addition to maternal lactation or infant formula, feeding the 9-month-old baby must be complemented with natural and healthy foods, including a taste of fresh fruit in the morning and afternoon meal; y una papilla “salad” in el almuerzo y cena.

It is important to remember that each baby is unique and has its own rhythm of growth, development, sueño and speech. Therefore, in case of doubts about its development, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician.

9 month old baby weight

In the following table, several growth parameters are indicated that are taken during this age and depending on sex, with a minimum and superior range in which the baby should be found both in weight and in height and in cephalic circumference:

boy girl

7.1 to 11 kg

6.5 to 10.5 kg


67.4 to 76.3 cm

65.2 to 75 cm

Cephalic perimeter

43.7 to 46.3 cm

42.5 to 45.2 cm

monthly weight gain

450 g

450 g

In case the baby presents higher or lower values ​​of the intervals, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician to evaluate the development of the baby.

Development of a 9 month old baby

The 9-month-old baby has more strength and manages to sit without support, hold and stay on his feet when he leans on some object. In this phase, the baby also focuses better, managing to follow a falling object, for example.

In this phase, the baby manages to communicate a little better, understanding the meaning of the word “no”, and the gestures of “no” hechos with the fingers and with the head, in addition to emitting some sounds, such as “mamá”, and “drool”, in addition to using your fingers for the things you want.

To help his development, the baby can describe the objects to which he points, talk with him and organize a large and safe space so that he can move and lock.

When to vaccinate the baby

The 9-month-old baby will require the application of the first dose of the vaccine against the yellow fever, without embargo, it is recommended to consult the vaccination plan of the country in which it is necessary to have the complete vaccination schedule.

9 month old baby food

Free-demand maternal lactation is important for 9-month-olds. In cases where lactation is not recommended, an infant formula prescribed by a pediatrician should be chosen.

To complement the diet of a 9-month-old baby, you should give him a taste of fresh fruits in the morning and afternoon meals, and salads, prepared with cereals, tubers, vegetables, vegetables and proteins in the food and scene.

To stimulate the recognition of the different flavors and texture of the foods, it is recommended to give the foods separately on the plate. In addition, in case the baby has any allergies, it is possible to identify the type of food that I produce.

The taste of a 9-month-old baby can only be developed, so it is not recommended to offer foods rich in fat and sugar, such as chocolate, ice cream, galletas, industrialized juices, soft drinks, pizza or salsas, such as catsup or mayonnaise. The former, due to these foods, can contribute to a bad eating habit, favoring obesity and other health problems during childhood or adolescence.

Baby swan with 9 months

The duration of the sueño of a 9 month old baby varies according to each child. However, the baby’s sueño in this phase lasts around 14 hours a day, including the night sueño, which should last between 9 to 11 hours, and up to 3 siestas throughout the day, lasting up to 1 hour each one.

Some babies may find it difficult to sleep at night, “changing the day for the night”. Some measures, such as reducing noise and lighting in the house, can help the baby relax and sleep better during the night. In addition, giving a tibio bath or having a massage can also help the baby’s sueño. See other tips to improve the baby’s sueño.

Game for 9 month old baby

Games and activities that help stimulate curiosity, motor coordination, knowledge of the surrounding space, language, sight, hearing and baby’s tact.

Some games to stimulate the baby include those that you can hide the face, called “Where is the baby? leaving the baby to observe and, after asking him to have it, see more about the development of the baby at 10 months.

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