Uterus in retroversion: what is it, symptoms and how it affects embarazo

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The uterus in retroversion, scientifically known as uterine retroversion, is an anatomical variant in which the uterus is positioned behind, in the direction of the back and, not in front, as occurs in the majority of women, considering that normally the remaining organs such as ovaries and fallopian tubes are also turned back.

Despite having an anatomical alteration, it does not interfere with the fertility of the woman and does not prevent an embarrassment. In addition, in the majority of cases there are no signs or symptoms, being identified by the gynecologist during the performance of routine exams, such as an ultrasound or pap smear, for example.

Although most cases do not have symptoms, some women may report pain when urinating, evacuating and after intimate contact, and in this situation it is indicated to carry out a surgical procedure so that the uterus is positioned before facing, reducing this form the symptoms.

possible causes

In some cases, the uterus in retroversion is the cause of a genetic predisposition, which is not inherited to children, but only a variation in the position of this organ. However, it is possible that after an embarrassment the ligaments that keep the uterus in the correct position are weakened by making the uterus moveable, increasing the possibilities of it leaning back.

Another cause of the inverted uterus is the scars in the muscle that can arise after a case of severe endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic surgery.

Inverted uterus symptoms

The majority of women with uterine retroversion do not present symptoms, which is why this condition is usually diagnosed during routine examinations, without receiving treatment in all cases. However, in some cases, symptoms may appear, such as:

  • Pain in the hip region;
  • Strong menstrual cramps before and during menstruation;
  • Pain during and after intimate contact;
  • Pain when urinating and evacuating;
  • Difficulty to use internal absorbents;
  • Sensation of pressure in the bladder.

In the event that there is a suspicion of an inverted uterus, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist, as it will be necessary to carry out imaging studies such as ultrasound, for example, to confirm the diagnosis and initiate the appropriate treatment, which is normally the surgery for the sea ​​organ placed in the correct direction.

Uterus in retroversion in embarazo

The uterus in retroversion does not produce infertility and does not hinder fertilization or the continuity of embarrassment. However, during pregnancy the inverted uterus can cause incontinence, pain in the back and when urinating, but it is not common that it produces complications in the embarrassment in the childbirth.

Generally, the delivery in these cases can be normal, it is not necessary to perform a cesarean for this reason. Most of the times, until the 12th week of embarrassment, the uterus adopts a position closer to the normal position, oriented before and reflected on the bladder, which facilitates a normal delivery.

Inverted uterus treatment

The treatment for the inverted uterus is carried out when the symptoms are manifest and can include medication to regulate the menstrual cycle, in case it is not, and in some cases the gynecologist can indicate the surgery so that the organ is placed and fixed in the correct place, reducing pain and discomfort.

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