What to eat when you have a bad stomach?

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The best foods to eat in case of stomach pain are easy to digest, such as cooked vegetables, cooked or baked fruits, soups and cereals such as white rice or white bread. The foods that should be avoided are raw vegetables and foods with a high content of fat, fried foods and alcoholic beverages, as they irritate the stomach and are more difficult to digest.

In addition, some home remedies, such as papaya, manzanilla and boldo, are also good options because they have calming properties that help relieve stomach pain.

Stomach pain can be caused by different situations, such as gastritis, ulcers, gastroenteritis, reflux or anxiety. Therefore, in the event that the stomach pain lasts many days or is very frequent, it is recommended to consult a gastroenterologist so that the possible causes of the pain are evaluated and an adequate treatment is carried out.

what to eat

Foods that must be ingested during stomach pain must be easy to digest and low in fat and fiber, in this way, food is prevented from passing too long in the stomach and causing discomfort, these are:

  • fruits, like la manzana, banana, pear, papaya, melon or durazno, without cascaras or semillas, cooked or in the form of puree. Can be included mermelada always and when sea 100% fruit and no sugar;

  • cooked vegetables, such as calabaza, calabacín, berenjena, zanahoria, spinach, chard, y ejote, without cascara, in the form of puree or cubitos;

  • Low-fat meatssuch as pollo, pavo, pescado or tofu, preferably prepared à la plancha, roasted or cooked;

  • Low-fat dairy productslike yogurt, queso blanco or ricotta, for example;

  • vegetable drinkssuch as avena, soy or rice;

  • Carbs with little fiber, such as white rice, pasta, pastina, couscous, water galletas, tostadas, pan blanco and preparations with wheat or maize harina;

  • tuberssuch as porridge, potato or manioc, without cascaras, cooked in the form of puree or cubes;

  • Natural drinks without caffeine, such as water, coconut water and natural fruit juices;

  • vegetable oils olive, sunflower, corn or soy, preferably raw and in small parts;

  • natural condiments, like ajo, onion, perejil, cilantro, oregano, albahaca or cilantro.

In addition to food, manzanilla, boldo, anise, congorosa, the yoke of papa cruda, there are also many options of home remedies to relieve stomach pains. See other home remedies to relieve stomach pain.

Despite the fact that the pain in the stomach reduces the appetite, it is important to have small and frequent meals, every 3 hours, so that it remains long without eating, so that the stomach releases acid when it is empty, worsening the pain.

What not to eat with stomach pain

When there is pain in the stomach, it is not recommended to eat foods with a high content of fat, or to consume foods that are irritating to the gastric mucosa and can aggravate any inflammation in the stomach, as for example:

  • industrialized drinks, as soft drinks, carbonated drinks and beverages with caffeine such as coffee, green tea, black and mate;

  • alcoholic beverages, like cerveza or vino, for example;

  • Fried foods and fatty foods, like empanadas, arepas, nuggetsfrench fries, snacks, pizza or hamburgers;

  • sausages, such as chorizo, bologna, sausages, morcilla;

  • Milk and fat-rich derivatives, such as leche entera, yoghurt entero, queso cheddarthe quesos duros;

  • Foods rich in sugar, like golosinas, pies, budines, among others;

  • Spice, like pepper, chili or chili.

In addition to this, in some people the acidic fruits can cause backflow or pain when consuming them, in these cases they should be avoided.

Foods such as coliflor, broccoli and vegetables should also be avoided, as they can increase the production of gases, causing more discomfort in the stomach.

Asimism, it is important to reduce stress and not to smoke because this can worsen the pain in the stomach. Know more about what to do to relieve stomach pain.

Example menu for stomach pain

The table below shows an example menu of 3 days for the treatment of gastritis and ulcer:

foods Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
breakfast One round of cubed melon + 2 slices of bread with light requesón 1 cup manzanilla tea + 2 huevos revueltos + 1 cup diced papaya

2 huevos revueltos with 1 pan of bread + 1 cooked manzana

Morning meal 1 manzana cooked with cinnamon in octopus 1 medium banana, crushed 1 cooked pear
Almuerzo / Scene 4 spoonfuls of rice + 1 pechuga de pollo in strips + 1 cup of cooked zanahoria and ejote + 1 tbsp of olive oil 1 roasted fish wheel with mashed potatoes and calabaza + 1 tbsp of olive oil 1 pechuga de pavo + 1/2 cup of pureed natural porridge + 1/2 cup of calabacín, zanahoria and cooked eggplants sautéed in a little olive oil
afternoon snack Natural yogurt + 1 cup of miel + 1/2 banana in rounds Pear smoothie with avena vegetable drink + 3 soda galletas 1 cup of boldo tea + 1 pan with queso blanco and natural durazno marmalade

The items included in the menu vary according to age, gender, physical activity and if you have any other associated illness, because it is ideal to go to a nutritionist to carry out a complete evaluation and prepare a nutritional plan suited to your needs.

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