How to do a deep facial cleansing

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Deep facial cleansing is used to remove pimples, impurities, dead cells and milium from the skin, which is characterized by the appearance of small white or yellow spots on the skin, especially on the face. It must be kept for 2 to 2 months, in case of normal and dry skins, and once a month in mixed and greasy skins or with acne.

The professional facial cleaning can be done in aesthetic clinics and lasts for 1 hour, but it can also be done with a home cleaning. The following steps can also be applied to the skin in general for deep cleaning.

6 Steps to perform a facial cleansing

Facial cleansing is followed by following the steps:

1. Skin cleaning

It consists of removing the makeup and cleaning the skin by applying a cleansing lotion to help remove the grease and some impurities from the skin. Products with aloe vera and green tea are excellent options to detoxify the skin. The lotion must be applied by hand with a hand on the whole face, and it can be used with a gas to spread the product all over the face, with circular movements.

2. Opening the pores

Opening the pores is usually done with the application of ozone steam or water steam, as the steam helps to soften the skin, facilitating the extraction of spines and impurities. A mask can be applied to help smooth even the most superficial skin. The water vapor or the ozone can last from 5 to 10 minutes and during this period the beautician can massage the hands or the head of the person who receives the treatment, making the sea moment more pleasant and relaxing.

3. Exfoliation

The exfoliation serves to remove the most superficial layer of the skin and the dead cells, facilitating the extraction of the spines and impurities from the next step. In people who have inflamed spines, this exfoliation can only be used with a specific product, but in all other situations it is possible to use an exfoliating cream that has microspheres that are pressed into the skin, favoring the extraction of suciedad. Circular movements with a gas are essential to remove the maximum possible black spots on the face and open the pores. To remove the product, water and clean gas are used, preparing the skin for the next step.

4. Extraction of black spots

The extraction of black spots is done manually, with gas or with a piece of cotton moistened with an antiseptic lotion, pressing the indexes in the opposite direction. For the extraction of the millium, it is necessary to use the aid of a microaguja to perforate the skin and press, removing the tallow ball that forms there. This procedure can take a maximum of 30 minutes and usually starts in the T zone, in the following order: nose, chin, front and continuation of the cachetes.

After the manual extraction of black spots and millium, a high-frequency device can be applied that helps the skin heal and calm down. But another way to do a good skin cleaning, removing the impurities as much as possible, is a professional treatment called skin cleaning with ultrasound, which uses an ultrasound equipment to reach the deepest layers of the skin. Find out more about how to remove black spots on your nose.

5. Soothing mask

You should apply a mask, generally soothing, according to the type of skin, for around 10 minutes to help reduce reddening and calm the skin. To remove it, water and clean gas are used using circular motions. During its operation, a manual lymphatic drainage can be performed all over the face to help remove reddening and swelling.

6. Application of sunscreen

To finish the professional cleaning, you should always apply a moisturizing lotion and sunscreen with a protection factor equal to or greater than 30 SPF. After this procedure, the skin becomes more sensible than normal, and for this reason the sunscreen is essential to protect the skin from damage from the sun and to prevent dark spots on the skin, which could appear in case the person becomes expose to the sun or to ultraviolet lights.

Care after cleaning the skin

After professional skin cleaning, it is necessary to have some care for at least 48 hours, such as not leaving it exposed to the sun and not using acidic products and creams, giving preference to soothing and healing skin products. The best options are thermal water and facial sunscreen to protect the skin from sunburn and to prevent the appearance of blemishes.

When it should not be done

Professional facial cleansing should not be carried out on the skin with the acne when there are inflamed pimples, with a yellowish appearance, because it can worsen the acne and damage the skin. In this case, it is best to go to a dermatologist to carry out a treatment to eliminate the pimples, which can be done with specific products to apply to the skin or medications to take. Furthermore, it should not be done in individuals with very sensitive skin, with allergy, desquamation or rosacea.

Also, facial cleansing should not be done when the skin is tanned because it can lead to the appearance of dark spots on the skin. People who are undergoing treatment with acids on the skin such as chemical peeling or who are using cream that contains some acid, should also be cleaned on the face due to increased sensitivity of the skin. The dermatologist can indicate when you can return to cleaning the skin.

Facial cleaning can be done with embarrassment, but at this stage it is common for the appearance of stains on the skin and because of this, the beautician can choose to use different products or to clean the skin more superficially, to not harm the skin, preventing the appearance of dark spots on the face.

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