How is prostatic hyperplasia treated?

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To treat the enlargement of the prostate, scientifically called benign prostatic hyperplasia, the urologist usually recommends the use of medications to relax the muscles of the prostate, helping to alleviate the symptoms such as difficulty in urinating or frequent urination. .

However, in more serious cases, in which it is not possible to control the symptoms with medication, it may be necessary to perform a surgery to remove the prostate and solve the problem.

1. Medicines

The treatment for the enlargement of the prostate usually starts with the use of medications that help to alleviate the symptoms and avoid complications such as urinary retention or kidney failure, for example.

Some of the most prescribed drugs by the urologist are:

  • Medicines to relax the prostate muscles as alpha blockers including tamsulosin, alfuzosin, doxazosin and silodosin;
  • Medicines to reduce male hormones and decrease the size of the prostate like finasteride and dutasteride;
  • antibiotics to reduce inflammation of the prostate, if available as ciprofloxacin.

These medications can be used separately or in combination, depending on the symptoms presented and the size of the prostate.

In cases where the man also has prostate cancer, usually the doctor recommends performing a surgery to remove the prostate, as well as radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy to eliminate the malignant cells of the tumor.

2. Natural treatment

In addition to drug treatment, it is possible to use natural extracts to help relieve symptoms more quickly. However, this type of treatment should not replace the treatment indicated by the doctor, it should only complement it.

Some of the medicinal plants used in the natural treatment of this problem are:

1. Saw Palmetto

This plant, of scientific name serene rethink, It has excellent anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties that help to reduce inflammation of the prostate and facilitate the passage of the urine. Some brands that contain this component can be prostasan, prosgutt and urogutt.

To obtain the full effect, it is recommended to take 1 capsule of Saw Palmetto in the breakfast and in the scene. Another option is to take 1 cup of Saw Palmetto octopus mixed in a pot of water, 2 times a day.

2. Pygeum africanum

This substance is removed from the interior of the corteza of the African ciruela tree and is used to treat urinary and prostate problems, reducing urgent needs to urinate.

La Pygeum africanum can be purchased in the form of capsules in stores of natural products and must be taken in doses between 25 and 200 mg a day.

3. Surgery

Surgery to treat an enlarged prostate is indicated in the most severe cases, especially when using a vesical tube to be able to urinate, when there is a large amount of blood in the orina, when there is a better chance of pharmacological treatment or when there is presence of piedras in the vejiga or renal failure, for example.

The most commonly used surgical techniques include:

  • Prostatectomy/adenomectomy:it consists of the removal of the internal part of the prostate through a normal abdominal surgery;
  • Transurethral resection of the prostatealso known as classic endoscopy: the removal of the prostate is performed with an apparatus that is introduced through the urethra;
  • Electrovaporization of the prostate the GreenLight: it is similar to the transurethral resection, but it uses a thermal reaction, having a faster discharge from the hospital.

In addition to these surgeries, in some cases, only a small cut in the prostate can be performed to facilitate the passage of the urethra, without the need to remove the prostate. See why the surgery should be performed as soon as possible:

How to relieve the malaise of prostatic hyperplasia

To improve the discomfort caused by prostatic hyperplasia, some advice is:

  • Orinar whenever you feel like itavoiding holding the orina;
  • Avoid drinking too much liquids once, in the late afternoon, before going to sleep, or in places where there is no bathroom;
  • do physical activity and physical therapy to strengthen the pelvic muscles, called Kegel exercises. See how to perform these exercises;
  • Orinate from 2 to 2 hoursso you don’t have the urge to orinar;
  • Avoid spicy foods and diuretic drinks such as coffee and alcoholic beverages, orange, lemon, lime, piña, aceitunas, chocolate or nuts;
  • No leaving the orina dripping at the end of the urinationtightening the urethra, to avoid infections;
  • Avoid medications that cause urinary retention como los decongesttivos nasales;

In addition, men with ease to develop stress must increase the intake of water and laxative foods to stimulate the functioning of the intestine, and that the stress can worsen the discomfort of which general enlargement of the prostate.

Can an enlarged prostate become cancer?

However, benign prostatic hyperplasia is a different disease than prostate adenocarcinoma, since in hyperplasia malignant cells are not observed, contrary to prostatic cancer.

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