How to have a male child: 3 strategies confirmed by science

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Who determines the sex of the baby is the father, because it has gametes of type X and Y, while a woman only has type X. Therefore, to have a baby it is necessary to have a gamete X of the mother and a gamete Y of the priest, this forms the XY chromosome, which represents a child. For this, it is necessary that the spermatozoa that carry the Y gametes penetrate the ovum, instead of the X spermatozoa, thus guaranteeing the development of a male.

There are some scientifically proven advice that can increase the chances that it will be a baby, however, it is not 100% effective and, despite the fact that it may not work, it does not affect the health of the mother or baby. If you’re trying to embarassed a girl, see some methods you can use.

Strategies proven by science

Many studies are not known about the influence of external factors on the sex of the baby, but also on genetics. However, of those that exist, it is possible to highlight 3 strategies that seem to increase the chances that a child will be born, these are:

1. Have relationships around ovulation

According to a study carried out in Holland in 2010, even though more about ovulation, sexual relationships are more likely to occur. This is due to the fact that type Y sperm swim faster than type X sperm, reaching the egg faster. For this reason, sexual intercourse should not occur much before ovulation, because despite the fact that Y sperm are faster, they live less.

What to do: the pair must have intimate contact only 1 day before ovulation or the same day or until 12 hours after.

2. Increase potassium and sodium intake

Potassium and sodium are two important minerals that seem to be related to the probabilities of having a baby. This is due to the fact that in a study in the United Kingdom that was carried out with more than 700 couples, it was identified that women who had a diet richer in sodium and potassium, seemed to have a greater number of male children than women who had a diet rich in calcium and magnesium, had a greater number of chicks.

This result was also confirmed by a study carried out in Holland in 2010 and by another in Egypt in 2016, where women who followed a diet rich in potassium and sodium had a 70% success rate to conceive a baby. For this reason, the researchers stated that increasing the consumption of foods rich in these minerals and taking a supplement could help a woman to be embarrassed by a child.

Although we do not know the mechanism by which food influences the sex of the baby, the study carried out in Egypt suggests that the levels of minerals can interfere with the membrane of the egg, increasing the attraction for the spermatozoa of type Y.

What to do: women can increase the consumption of foods rich in potassium such as avocado, banana or cacahuates. Furthermore, it is necessary to increase the consumption of foods with sodium, in order to avoid their exaggerated consumption, as it could cause an increase in blood pressure, in addition to complications in the future embarrassment. Therefore, the ideal would be to go to a nutritionist to carry out a diet adapted to her needs. See a list of the main foods with potassium.

3. Have intimate contact on the day of the peak or 2 days later

The peak day is a concept that is introduced and mentioned in the method of billings, This is a natural way of evaluating the fertile period of a woman through the characteristics of the vaginal discharge. According to this method, the peak day represents the last day when the vaginal discharge is more liquid and occurs between 25 and 48 hours before ovulation. See more about the billings method.

According to a study carried out in Nigeria in 2011, having sexual relations on the peak day or 2 days afterward seems to increase the chances of having a baby. This method goes hand in hand with the strategy of having relationships around the day when ovulation occurs, as the peak day occurs 24 hours before ovulation.

The explanation behind this method apparently is also related to the speed of spermatozoa of type Y, which seem to arrive faster to the egg. As in the ovulation method, intimate contact should not occur before the peak day, because the Y spermatozoa could not survive to fertilize the egg, leaving only type X.

What to do: the pareja must have relationships during the peak day or during the days after the east.

Strategies without scientific evidence

In addition to the strategies that have been studied and scientifically proven, there are also other methods that are popular and that, however, do not have any scientific study that validates them. These are:

1. Increase consumption of red meat

Several studies indicate that food can affect the sex of the baby, however, the main studies are related to the intake of some minerals, specifically such as calcium, sodium, magnesium or potassium, with no fears that the consumption of red meat can increase the probabilities of having a baby.

Add some red meats such as la de ternera, buey or cordero puedan contener mayor cantidad de potasio, no son las mejores opciones para la salud, debiendo to prefer other foods rich in potassium such as el aguacate, la papaya or los guisantes, for example. The ideal is that any change in the diet is accompanied by a nutritionist.

2. Achieve orgasm at the same time as the pair

This popular method is based on the idea that during the climax the woman releases a secretion that helps the spermatozoa to have the gametes and reach the egg first. However, there are no studies that relate the orgasm to the sex of the baby, so it is not possible to confirm this method.

3. Use the table china

The china table was used for many years as a popular and homely method to select the sex of the baby. However, a study carried out in Sweden between 1973 and 2006, where more than 2 million births were evaluated, found that this method was effective in predicting the sex of the baby.

For this reason, the china table is not accepted by the scientific community to predict what the baby’s sex will be, even after the woman is embarrassed. See more about the theory of tabla china and why it doesn’t work.

4. Position to embarazarse de un niño

This is another method that has not been studied, but it is based on the idea that having sexual relations in positions where penetration is deeper increases the probability of having a baby, as it facilitates the entry of spermatozoa Y. Sin However, there are no scientific studies that understand these methods.

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