4 month old baby: peso, sueño and desarrollo

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The baby with 4 months has better hands, playing and holding objects and toys better. In this phase, the baby starts to become more independent, interacting to a greater extent with the people.

Around 4 months, the baby manages to fix the gaze on objects and people, recognizing better the parents, the responsible, and the family members. In this phase, the baby also distinguishes better the voice of the people, especially the mother, who usually reassures and generates pleasure in the baby.

Feeding a 4-month-old baby must be exclusively from mother’s milk and free on demand, it’s up to you, whenever the baby feels like it. However, when the mother cannot breastfeed, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that infant formula be used, according to the pediatrician’s indications.

It is important to bear in mind that each baby has its own rhythm of growth, sueño, speech and games. For this reason, if there are doubts about the baby’s development, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician.

4 month old baby weight

The following table shows the ideal weight range of the baby at 4 months, as well as other important parameters such as height and head circumference, according to the World Health Organization:




5.6 to 8.8 kg

5 to 8.1 kg


59.9 to 68 cm

57.8 to 66.2 cm

Cephalic perimeter

40.5 to 42.8 cm

39.3 to 41.8 cm

Monthly weight gain

600 g

600 g

If the baby presents values ​​above or below those indicated in the previous table, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician to evaluate the development of the baby.

How is the baby’s sueño

The baby is 4 months old and only spends 16 hours a day, with 6 of those hours during the day and 10 hours, normally running, during the night. However, some babies can wake up between 2 and 3 times during the night, due to some ailment such as having a baby or having a baby or being in the country.

Asimismo, some babies even don’t have a regular routine of prolonged sleep, being able to “exchange” the day for the night. For this, some recommendations that help to create a night sweat routine include:

  • If you wake up very early, leave the baby a little more time on the cuna so that it sleeps a little more;
  • Maintain low lighting in the dwelling;
  • Avoid noise in the house so the baby doesn’t wake up.

In addition, it is also important to try to maintain the same routine before bed so that the baby gets used to the sueño schedule, which should last around 10 hours in a row each night.

See how many hours a baby’s sweat must last.

Development of a 4 month old baby

The baby with 4 months has better control of the hands, playing and grasping objects better and bringing them to his mouth. In this phase, the baby starts to be more independent, interacting more with people with a smile or babbling some sounds.

At 4 months, the baby manages to fix the gaze on objects and people, recognizing better the parents, the responsible, and the family members, and accompanying their movement with the eyes and the head. At this stage, the baby also recognizes better the voice of the people, especially the mother, which usually reassures him and makes him happy.

Also, during this period, it is important to be aware of the baby’s reactions to stimuli, because at this stage it is possible to identify some situations, such as hearing difficulties, for example.

baby food

The recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) is that the feeding of the baby with 4 months is carried out exclusively with maternal milk and under free demand, it is decided, whenever the baby has a chance.

The maternal milk contains all the nutrients and water that the baby needs to grow and develop. For this reason, the recommendation is that lactation is exclusive until 6 months and, when it is possible, that complements the child’s diet until 2 years of age or more. Know all the benefits of maternal milk for the baby.

However, when the mother cannot breastfeed, the use of infant formula is recommended, which type and can be recommended by the pediatrician.

The baby who is fed with infant formula must also drink 700 ml of filtered or hervida water daily, taking the water used to prepare the infant formula and pure water, which must be provided to the baby throughout the day, to avoid overload the riñones or the stress.

Baby games with 4 months

The games of the baby with 4 months are fundamental, they can stimulate the curiosity, the sensitivity and the development of the vision and the hearing of the child. Some simple games for babies in this age include:

  • Bring the baby to the door or the window of the house so that he can see the people, the animals and the objects in motion, specifying the names of the children and making the sounds of each one;
  • Seating the baby on a rug, supported by pillows, and showing him books or playthings, allowing him to take the objects with the two hands while he talks and smiles to him;
  • With the baby in the lap, put it in front of the mirror, showing it and explaining the parts of the body, to help you unfold the vision and realize your own image little by little.

In addition, the baby with 4 months can also be taken for a walk in open places such as parks or plazas; however, the paseos must be carried out before the 10th of the morning or after the 4th of the afternoon. Likewise, it is not recommended to expose a 4-month-old baby directly to the sun, in the same way that sunscreen or sunblock should not be applied at this stage, indicating the use of umbrellas, hats and clothes to protect him.

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