7 causes of orina oscura and what to do

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The dark stream is usually a sign that the person is not drinking enough water during the day, which is why the stream is more concentrated and, consequently, darker. In this case, the only recommendation is to increase the consumption of water, as in this way the level of hydration of the organism is increased.

However, other more serious situations that require treatment can cause dark urine, such as in the case of urinary infections, presence of kidney stones and problems in the liver, for example. Therefore, when other symptoms arise in addition to the orina oscura, such as pain and burning in the stomach, pain in the lower part of the back, fever and white blood, for example, it is important to consult a urologist to carry out the diagnosis and start the more adequate treatment.

The main causes of orina oscura are:

1. Drink a little water

Drinking just a little water during the day is the main cause of dark urine, because when less water is consumed, there is a greater concentration of substances that are eliminated by the urine. In addition, it is possible that the orina has a stronger smell.

what to do: it is important to consume plenty of liquids during the day, such as water, tea, natural juices or foods rich in water, since in this way, in addition to making the orina clearer, the place where the hydration signal is, improves the functioning of the organism. Learn more about the benefits of drinking water.

2. Aguantarse la ganas de orinar

Holding on for a long time to urinate can cause the urine to become darker, and the substances that are normally eliminated by the urine accumulate, changing its color. In addition, despite having to urinate, there is a greater risk of complications, such as infections, urinary incontinence and kidney problems.

what to do: to avoid the complications related to the hecho de aguantarse las ganas de orinar for a long time, it is recommended to go to the bathroom whenever your body is washed, even when the bladder is not fully filled. In this way it is possible to eliminate substances that may be in excess, in addition to preventing the loss of elasticity of the bladder.

3. Urinary infection

Urinary infection is also a frequent situation that can darken the urinary tract, especially in cases where there is a chronic infection. This is due to the fact that in these cases the kidneys can be compromised, resulting in a greater concentration and being able to lead to the release of blood in the orina.

In addition to the orina oscura, it is important that the person is attentive to other symptoms that may arise such as fever, pain, burning in the mouth and a feeling of heaviness and malaise in the bladder, for example, they are also common in the case of infection .

what to do: before the presence of symptoms suggestive of urinary infection, it is important to consult a urologist or gynecologist to carry out an evaluation and indicate the most adequate treatment, which normally involves the use of antibiotics to combat the infection. In addition, it is recommended that the person drinks a lot of water and takes a healthy diet to accelerate recovery.

See the following video for some advice on what in case of urinary infection:

4. Piedra en los rinones

The stones in the kidneys can also be darker, since it is common that this situation is caused by the decrease in the amount of water consumed during the day, making the orine more concentrated, in addition to which it is also common that there is elimination of blood in orinar, what happens to a more obscure.

In addition to the dark orin, the presence of kidney stones also produces intense pain in the lower part of the back and pain in the urinal, which is quite uncomfortable.

what to do: it is important to consult a urologist so that an imaging study can be carried out to identify the location of the piedra in the urinary system, in addition to its size and capacity. From then on, the doctor will be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment, which can involve the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve the symptoms, and medicines that help to dissolve the stone to favor its output by the orine.

In the most serious cases in which there are several stones or when there is a large size, it may be necessary to carry out a small surgery to remove the stone. Find out how the treatment for the stones in the kidneys is carried out.

5. Problems in the liver

Some alterations in the liver, such as cirrhosis and hepatitis, for example, can compromise the function of this organ and darken the urine. This is due to the fact that inflammation and loss of liver function do not produce the degradation of bilirubin, which is a pigment obtained from the degradation of hemoglobin, being eliminated in high concentrations, making it darker similar to urine color coñac.

It is common, that in addition to the orina stains the heces are also produced more blanquecinas, which happens in the soil due to the alteration in the metabolism of bilirubin, if not also because the digestion of the grease is impaired. Know other symptoms that indicate problems in the liver.

what to do: before the presence of signs and symptoms that indicate problems in the liver, it is important to consult a general physician or a gastroenterologist, as in this way examinations can be requested to diagnose the cause of the oscura orina and so, indicate the appropriate treatment, el which can include the use of medicines or changes in the diet, for example.

6. Changes in the kidneys

Some situations can compromise the functioning of the kidneys in such a way that the filtration and absorption process can be harmed, causing the orina to concentrate and, as a result, become obscured.

The main situations that can cause overload in the kidneys are a diet rich in proteins and calcium, and the use of supplements, chronic infection, presence of stones in the kidneys and high pressure. In addition, nephritic syndrome diseases can cause the orine to look like coca cola or coñac.

what to do: it is important that the cause of the kidney alteration is diagnosed and treated according to the orientation of the urologist, and in this way it is possible to prevent the kidney function from becoming more and more compromised and kidney failure may develop.

So, according to the cause associated with the orina oscura, the doctor can indicate the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics or diuretics, the performance of surgery or changes in eating habits.

7. Bleed in the orina

Another of the causes that can darken the urinary tract is the presence of blood due to several factors such as urinary infections, such as in the bladder and kidneys, ingestion of medications such as Warfarin, Aspirin or Phenazopyridine; Cancer in the kidneys, bladder or prostate or even can arrive to present in the first days of menstruation, this is due to the mixture of vaginal blood along with the orina, if it is properly orina with blood.

what to do: it is important that in case you notice bleeding in the urinary tract, go to the doctor to carry out a physical exploration and indicate the necessary studies to diagnose the cause and indicate the appropriate treatment. In the case of menstruation, attention should be paid to the presence of other symptoms such as fever, burning or pain during urination, which could indicate a urinary infection, which should be treated.

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