5 month old baby: peso, sueño and desarrollo

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The 5-month-old baby has a better posture and head and trunk balance. For that reason, when he leans down with his mouth, he is able to support himself in his hands and move, starting to sit without support. In addition, the baby holds the objects better with the hands and tries to take the toys to the mouth out of curiosity.

At 5 months, the baby usually lives around 14 to 15 hours a day. However, during this phase, he prefers to stay awake longer to play, as he has fewer siestas during the day and night for longer.

Feeding must be carried out exclusively with maternal milk and under free demand, which is when the baby wants to eat. Without embargo, when the mother cannot feed it, the pediatrician can recommend the use of infant formula. It is important to remember that each baby has its own growth rate, sueño and it speak, so if you have doubts about its development, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician.

5 month baby weight

The table below shows the ideal weight for a 5-month-old baby, as well as other important parameters such as height, head circumference and expected monthly earnings:

children girls

6 to 9.3 kg

5.4 to 8.8 kg


61.8 to 70 cm

59.8 to 68.4 cm

Cephalic perimeter

41.8 to 43.4 cm

40.3 to 42.7 cm

monthly weight gain

600 g

600 g

It is important that these parameters are observed by the pediatrician so that the baby’s development can be evaluated with the objective of identifying some problems of excess weight or some delay in the growth.

How is the baby’s sueño

The 5 month old baby usually sleeps between 14 and 15 hours a day, between siestas during the morning and the afternoon, and the night of the night. In this age, the baby has a longer sleep during the night, waking up on average 1 time to eat the change in the country.

It is also recommended that the 5-month-old baby stays around 10 hours followed by moche. However, some babies may find it more difficult to sleep for many hours in a row or even “change the day for the night”. Know how many hours the baby should sleep.

To guarantee a good night for the baby, it is important that the baby has the same sleeping times, as they are helping to create a routine for sleeping. In addition, putting the baby awake on the cuna will teach him to sleep alone.

Other measures that help the baby to sleep are also to leave the room with low lighting, reduce the noise in the house and avoid using the cell phone or television around bedtime. See other tips to help your baby sleep better.

How should the food be?

Feeding a 5-month-old baby must be exclusively with maternal milk and free on demand, which is when babies want to breastfeed.

The maternal milk provides all the nutrients and water that the baby needs for its development, which is why the World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding until 6 months and, when it is possible, complete with the baby’s food until 2 years or more.

However, when the mother cannot breastfeed, the pediatrician can recommend the use of infant formula, according to the type and amount needed.

In addition, babies who are fed infant formula also need to drink 700 ml of water, considering it for formula preparation and giving pure water throughout the day. Find out how much water to drink every day.

Baby development with 5 months

From the 5th month onwards, the baby supports the head and the trunk better, getting support in the hands to rotate and move. He also has a better posture, so he starts to sit without help and support with them when they fall to the sides.

The 5-month-old baby recognizes better the voice, appearance and gaze of parents and family members, interacting with them through the smile and noises that come with the mouth. In addition, in this phase she also manages to hold the objects and play games with the hands better and tries to bring them to her mouth out of curiosity.

What games can you play?

The games are fundamental in this phase, and they help to improve the baby’s bond with his father or guardians, in addition to stimulating communication, creativity, learning and cognition of the child.

Some games that can be played with a 5 month old baby are:

  • Sitting the baby on a soft mat with toys and objects, pointing and telling the name of things, motivating him to take the toys;
  • Sit the baby on the floor, put different objects and toys inside a basket and give them seals for him to explore, specifying the name and function of each object for him.

Another easy game is the “magic mirror”, in which the baby is placed on his legs or sitting on a rug and lets him explore his own image, giving his name and explaining the different parts of his body.

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