Conjunctivitis in babies: symptoms and how to treat

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Conjunctivitis in babies is characterized by an inflammation of the conjunctiva, a membrane that covers the eyes and eyelids, causing the baby’s eyes to redden, start to develop, tear and produce yellowish-colored squid. Because of this malaise, the baby suele llevarse las manos al rostro.

The treatment of conjunctivitis in babies must be guided by a pediatric ophthalmologist or pediatrician and can be carried out with the use of eye drops or antibiotic ointments, antiallergic or cleaning the eyes with moist gas with filtered water or saline, depending on the type of conjunctivitis. The majority of times the conjunctivitis is easily controlled, however, it is important to take the baby to the pediatrician because, in some cases, it can cause meningitis.

The baby may have conjunctivitis due to bacterial infection, being called bacterial conjunctivitis; it can also occur due to an infection by a virus, being a viral conjunctivitis; due to the presence of an allergenic substance, called allergic conjunctivitis. When conjunctivitis is caused by a virus or bacteria, it is easily transmitted from one person to another. See how to identify each type of conjunctivitis.

Ojo del babe red and tearing

Ojo del babe red and tearing

main symptoms

The symptoms of conjunctivitis in babies or in newborns are:

  • Reddened and irritated eyes;
  • Eyes weeping;
  • Ojos con much as lagañas, with much secretion that can be white or yellowish and thick;
  • Picazon in the eyes;
  • Small inflammation of the children and the surroundings of the eyes;
  • Hypersensitivity to light;
  • Irritability and difficulty in eating;
  • Fever, especially in cases of bacterial conjunctivitis.

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These symptoms can be present in one or two eyes, and generally when they are present in both, it is an allergic conjunctivitis. However, the evaluation of the baby by the pediatrician or ophthalmologist is very important in order to carry out the diagnosis and guide the treatment of acuerdo with the type of conjunctivitis.

How is the treatment performed?

The treatment for conjunctivitis in babies should always be guided by a pediatrician or an ophthalmologist, depending on the type of conjunctivitis present:

1. Bacterial conjunctivitis

The cases of bacterial conjunctivitis can only cause a large number of lagñas and can present symptoms in both eyes. This type of conjunctivitis can only be treated with the use of antibiotics in the form of eye drops, ointments or in jarabe.

In addition to this, it is very important to keep the eyes always clean and free of lagañas, as this type of substance facilitates the development of the bacteria, which can delay recovery. See how to clean baby’s eyes correctly.

Bacterial conjunctivitis can cause complications such as meningitis or pneumonia, and that is why it is important to follow all medical advice to avoid these complications, ensuring baby health.

2. Viral conjunctivitis

In these cases, the doctor may only recommend cleaning the eyes with individual sterile gauzes moistened in filtered water or saline, as this type of conjunctivitis generally tends to disappear naturally after 1 week, without the need to take medication.

Some eye drops, especially moisturizers, can also be prescribed by a doctor to reduce discomfort.

3. Allergic conjunctivitis

As allergic conjunctivitis is caused by a reaction to a product or substance, the general treatment is carried out through the intake of antihistamine drugs or cortisone, decreasing the immune system response and relieving symptoms.

What to do during treatment

During the treatment of infantile conjunctivitis it is important to adopt some precautions such as:

  • Keep the eyes of the baby always clean, using disposable paper towels and always a new one for each eye;
  • Follow the treatment recommended by the doctor;
  • Not taking the baby to the guard or to the school while the symptoms continue;
  • Wash the face and hands with the baby several times a day;
  • Avoid hugging and kissing the baby;
  • Change the bottom and the baby’s towel daily, washing it separately.

These precautions are very important because they prevent the contagion of conjunctivitis from a baby to another person, and from the baby to other people.

It is not recommended to put drops of maternal milk directly on the eyes of the baby with conjunctivitis, because there is nothing that compruebe its effectiveness. Furthermore, water with boric acid is also totally contraindicated, due to the risk of intoxication by this compound.

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