How to be embarrassed by twins?

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Twins occur in the same family due to genetic predisposition. However, there are some external factors that can contribute to the woman having a twin embarrassment, such as taking a medication that stimulates ovulation, making her ovulate at least sometimes, or through fertilization in vitro, a procedure that is applied to improve fertility and to help with the conception of a baby.

When the man has a twin does not mean that his wife will have twins, this is because the genetic factor is totally dependent on the woman.

Probability of being embarrassed by twins

Not all women can fall prey to twins naturally, because the main factor for this to occur is that the twin of another brother or sister is born. In this case, the woman can mature 2 eggs at once, and she will have twins but not identical.

The possibilities of having identical twins are the same for all women, because in that case, initially there was only one ovum that was fertilized by a sperm, but in the first hours of conception, it was divided into 2, giving rise to identical babies, not being influenced by genetics, occurring by chance.

Medicines to get embarazada of twins

The use of drugs such as Clomiphene are not prescribed only for a woman who is pregnant with twins, this type of drug is prescribed by the doctor when a fertility treatment is carried out to stimulate ovulation, must always be guided by medical specialists in human reproduction.

See more about what clomiphene is for.

Consejos to be embarrassed by twins

There are some tips that can help to increase the possibilities of having twins babies, these are:

  • Falling embarrassed before 35 years of agebetween 18 and 30 years the eggs are more healthy, having better conditions to maintain a healthy pregnancy until the end;
  • Falling embarrassed around menopause, between 40 and 50 yearsbecause in this phase the increase in estrogen can make the body release more than one ovum at the same time;
  • Treatment to be embarrassedwith drugs or in vitro fertilization;
  • Trying to be embarrassed only if you quit the contraceptive, because in the first 3 cycles the body is still adapting and there are more possibilities for it to release more than one egg.

Asimism, consume more names and camote, can also help a woman to ovulate more and better.

Hechos not proven by science

Taking folic acid does not guarantee a twin embarrassment, because this is a food supplement indicated for all women who are trying to stop embarassed or what they are embarazadas to protect the formation of the baby’s nervous system.

Eating more dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter or cheese is rich in calcium, but it is not scientifically proven that it can interfere with ovulation;

do not exist sexual positions that favorezcan in the capacity of falling embarazada of twins, and that the most important thing is that the woman has 2 eggs at the same time in the tubes, and this is not possible through sexual contact.

How is the embarazo of twins

Embarazo de gemelos is considered a risk embarrassment because there is a greater risk of preterm birth and preeclampsia, which is the risk of raising blood pressure during embarrassment.

Because of this, the twins’ embarazada must have some special care during your pregnancy, such as attending all prenatal consultations and having a healthy and balanced diet in salt. It may be that in some situations the obstetrician indicates that the woman needs to remain at rest around the 30th week of pregnancy, so that the babies can grow and gain enough weight to be healthy.

Difference between identical and fraternal twins

Univitelline twins (equals)

Univitelline twins (equals)

Fraternal twins (different)

Fraternal twins (different)

There are two types of twins, equal or identical twins that are identical, and “morochos” or different twins that are fraternal.

In the case of identical twins, the babies share the same genetic information, having only slight differences between them, such as the digital huella, for example. In this case, the ovum was fertilized by just one sperm and the zygote formed the egg divides into two, giving rise to 2 identical babies.

But in the relationship of fraternal twins, the babies are different, being able to be a baby and a baby. In this case, we had the maturation of 2 eggs that were fertilized by 2 different sperm.

In this way, the twins can be:

  • Univitelline or monocygotic: If an ovum is fertilized, they share the same placenta and are equal.
  • calves or dichotic: If they are fertilized by the eggs, each one has its placenta and is different.

Despite being rare, there is a possibility that a woman has a new ovulation after a few days of fertilization, with twins falling apart with days or weeks of difference between them. In this case, the twins will be fraternal.

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