11 Tes to regulate menstruation

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The techniques to regulate menstruation, such as improved or cimicifuga, have substances that help balance hormonal levels in women, allowing menstruation to appear in a more regular period, in addition to helping to reduce the menstrual flow, when It’s very intense, it helps relieve menstrual cramps.

However, as the major part also stimulates the contraction of the uterus, they must not be used by embarassed women, as it can increase the risk of abortion or cause serious changes in the baby, compromising motor and cerebral development.

In addition, it is important to consult a gynecologist, when menstruation is irregular, there may be a problem that needs to be treated, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, for example. More on the main causes of irregular menstruation.

1. Té de hojas de ruda

An excellent home remedy to regulate menstruation is the ruda, as its medicinal properties act on blood vessels favoring circulation.


Preparation method:

Add the shoes to the street in the bowl with water leaking, cover and wait 5 to 10 minutes until it is ready. Women who want to regulate menstruation, or restore menstrual flow, should drink 3 cups of this tea daily, in the days before menstruation closes.

This is contraindicated in case of embarrassment, suspicion of embarrassment and during maternal lactation.

2. Cimicrifuge tee

La hierba cimicífuga (racemose cimicifuga)call also black cohosh, contains isoflavones and caffeic acid, which help to restore the regular menstrual cycle, promoting menstruation and relaxation of the uterus.


Preparation method:

Place the dry herb in a bowl with water, leaving it to rest for 10 minutes. After pasting the infusion, wait until it is tibia and drink 2 to 3 glasses a day. This can even be used for a period of 2 to 3 months, until the cycle is regulated. However, it should not be used by women who are embarrassed or have a history of breast cancer.

3. Wild yam tea

El ñame silva, also known as wild yam, is a very medicinal plant traditionally used to relieve the symptoms of menopause. However, as it contains a substance that has an effect similar to estrogen, it can help regulate the menstrual cycle, especially when the irregularity of the cycle is due to an imbalance in the levels of this hormone in the body.


Preparation method:

Put the roots together with the water to drink in a pot for about 20 minutes, then stick it on and drink from 2 to 3 glasses a day. It should not be taken during pregnancy because it stimulates uterine contractions.

Learn more about the main causes of irregular menstruation.

4. Cinnamon tea

Cinnamon is an excellent home remedy to regulate the menstrual cycle because it promotes contraction of the uterus and favors menstruation.


Preparation method:

Add the cinnamon stick in a bowl with water soaking in water and let it rest for 5 minutes. The continuation of the infusion and the addition of the red wine, bringing the mixture to a slow fire until it starts to boil, keeping it there for 5 minutes.

Place this jarabe in a dark glass bottle and in a cool, dry place. The first time you should take 200 ml every day and stop its consumption on the first day of menstruation. The months the continuation should take it 5 days before it closes when it interrupted the previous day, and that’s right, five days before the 1st day of the menstruation of the previous month.

Discover all the benefits of cinnamon.

5. Perejil infusion

The perejil, in addition to its use in cooking, can also be used as a home remedy due to its properties, among which it is found to regulate the menstrual cycle, since it is able to stimulate it.


Preparation method:

To carry out the infusion, you must put the leaves of perejil in the soaking water and leave to rest for 10 minutes, paste and drink 1 cup, 3 times a day, preferably before meals.

Discover other perejil benefits.

6. Oregano tea

Oregano is an aromatic herb that is used in some cultures to increase blood circulation in the uterus and stimulate uterine contraction, being used in the final stage of embarrassment to facilitate labor. However, due to its properties, oregano is able to stimulate menstruation.


Preparation method:

Place a bowl of water soaking over the oregano sheets for 5 minutes. After that, cool a little, paste and drink 2 to 3 times a day.

7. Té de sauzgatillo

El té de sauzgatillo (Vitex agnus-castus), it is rich in flavonoids, essential oils, iridoids and glycosides, which help to balance female hormones, regulating the menstrual cycle, in cases of very short or very wide intervals between each menstruation, absence of menstruation or polycystic ovary syndrome, for example .


  • 1 cup of sauzgatillo fruits;
  • 300 ml of water.

Preparation method:

Add the ingredients and bring to the boil, letting it cook for about 3 to 4 minutes. Cover and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Paste and drink up to 2 cups of this té per day, for a maximum period of 3 months.

It must not be used in children under 18 years of age, or in cases of embarrassment, period of lactation, women who are with hormonal treatment and who are taking oral contraceptives or sexual hormones.

Care must be taken to consume large amounts of this tea, as it can cause intestinal problems.

8. Té de mejorana

He has a mejorana (origanum majorana) It can help regulate menstruation, especially in cases of polycystic ovary syndrome, it can improve insulin resistance, which is common in this type of illness.


Preparation method:

Put the water to hervir and when it was estuviera hirviendo, erase the fire and add las hojas de mejorana. Leave to rest for about 10 minutes, paste and drink up to 3 cups a day.

The use of mejorana is not recommended during embarazo, nor in children under 12 years old, as this plant can cause hormonal changes that can influence the development of the baby and the puberty of the children.

9. Té de Angelica

It’s angelica (angelica sinensis), also known as dong quai, is a good home remedy option to regulate menstruation, can help improve the blood flow of the reproductive organs, in addition to stimulating the uterine muscles, improving the function of the ovaries, including increasing fertility .


Preparation method:

Add the angelica root to the soaking water and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Luego, necklace and drink 1 cup 3 times a day.

10. Calendula tea

Calendula with anise and nuez nutmeg, due to its antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and calming properties, can also help to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce the pain of cramps that can happen during the period.


  • 1 handful of marigold flowers;
  • 1 cucharadite of nuez nutmeg;
  • 1 cucharadite of anise;
  • 1 vase of water.

Preparation method:

Place all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat for 10 minutes. After you put out the fire, cover and let it cool down. Enjoy, indulge to taste, paste and drink 2 times a day.

11. Saw palmetto tea

Saw palmetto contains fatty acids and phytoestrogens that can help promote the proper functioning of the ovaries, especially in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, which can help regulate the menstrual cycle.


  • 1 spoonful of saw palmetto octopus;
  • 1 vase of water.

Preparation method:

Add saw palmetto in octopus in a pot of water and mix until completely dissolved. Drink 2 times a day.

Saw palmetto should not be used by embarassed women or women with blood clotting problems such as hemophilia, liver diseases such as liver failure or pancreas problems such as pancreatitis, for example.

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