Red meats and white meats: what they are, myths and truths about them

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Meat consumption is an issue that currently generates much controversy, following the general recommendation that the consumption of white meat and fish should be greater than the consumption of red meat.

It is important that when it is time to consume any type of meat, identify which ones are the best and the worst cuts for health, since it depends on the cut of meat to use this option.

Which ones are the whites and which ones are the reds

Red meats include beef, veal, lamb, lamb, horse, goat and ostrich, and they include sausages prepared with these meats, while white meats are pollo, duck, peacock, goose and fish.

In general, the birds are white meats and the 4-legged animals are red meats, but the classification of meats depends on the color, the origin of the animal, the type of muscle and the pH of the meat, in the absence of a common form and reliable to carry out this differentiation.

Myths and truths about meat

Next, we indicate the most common doubts about meat consumption:

1. White meat is better than red meat

truth. White meats, especially fish, are better for health than red meats, as they have less fat and cholesterol, and are also easier to digest.

Excessive consumption of red meat can cause health damage such as accumulation of fat in arteries and in the liver, elevation of cholesterol and increase in fat at the abdominal level.

However, red meats are rich in vitamins B3, B12, B6, hierro, zinc and selenium, so it is possible to consume them without abuse, a maximum of 2 to 3 times a week, being important to choose cuts of meat that do not mucha grasa, and the ideal is to have a balanced and varied diet, which can include all types of meat.

2. Eat carne roja en la noche es malo

Lie. Red meat can be consumed at night, just like any other food, only if it is consumed in excess, as it takes longer to be digested in the stomach, which can cause stomach acidity and heaviness, which can worsen when to sleep.

3. White meat is not fattening

Lie. Despite containing less fat, carne blanca is also fattening when consumed in excess, especially when consumed with high-calorie salsas, such as salsa blanca, béchamel and salsa de 4 quesos, for example.

4. La carne poco cocida is bad

It depends on the origin of the meat. Consuming undercooked meats only harms the health if it is contaminated with parasites such as bacteria or bacteria that cause intestinal infection. That’s why you should always buy meat in places that guarantee its process and origin, you can only cook it properly to eliminate the microorganisms that can contain meats that are not safe for consumption.

5. Carne de cerdo is bad

Lie. As with beef, beef, pork only if it is contaminated and if it is not well cooked, but when it is cooked properly, this meat is also safe for consumption.

What meats should you choose?

You should prefer the consumption of fish, especially those rich in good fats such as sardina, tuna, trucha and salmon; birds, especially the pecho region; and low-fat cuts of red meats such as goose, lomo-solomillo, colita de cuadril, cuadrado, nalga de adentro, ronda, pollo de res and chocozuela.

What meats should you avoid?

It is advisable to avoid cuts of meat with a lot of fat such as the back, ribs and viscera such as liver, kidneys, heart and intestines. Furthermore, all the visible grease must be removed from the meats before preparation, because during the cooking part of the grease ends up entering the meat’s muscle, which prevents its extraction at the time of eating.

It is also important to remember that meats with more fat and processed foods such as bacon, tocino, sausages, chorizos and salami are more harmful to health and should be avoided. See some reasons why you shouldn’t eat liver of res.

In addition, people with high cholesterol problems and gout should also avoid consuming the liver and other animal organs, as they favor the increase of uric acid in the body.

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