Treatment for Tendinitis: Medicines and Physiotherapy

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To cure tendinitis faster, you must follow the treatment indicated by the traumatologist, which may include the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and maintain the affected region at rest, this will allow the tendon to recover. In addition to this, the doctor can recommend physical therapy, which will help to relieve inflammation of the tendon, strengthen weak muscles and relieve pain.

During the treatment it is important to follow a diet rich in foods with anti-inflammatory properties, which will reduce the swelling of the tendon, some of these foods are salmon, avocado and olive oil, for example. See what these anti-inflammatory foods are.

Tendinitis is an inflammation that occurs in tendons due to exaggerated exertion or repetition. When properly treated, tendinitis is very likely to heal. Other than that it can occur in any tendon of the body, tendinitis is more common in the rodillas, pies, shoulders, fist and forearm. It manifests itself mainly through the pain surrounding the joint, which must be treated with physical therapy.

The use of splints or other devices to immobilize the joints is controversial, as it can reduce muscle tone and contribute to the desiccation of the tendon, however, it would allow to maintain the affected tendon at rest, for which its use will only be done by a doctor. considers it necessary.

1. Use of medication

The general physician, rheumatologist or traumatologist may indicate the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Ibuprofen, for example, which can be taken for 7 to 10 days to relieve pain and inflammation.

In addition to this, you can also indicate the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointments that help to control pain and inflammation, some examples are the cream IcyHot, Thermo-Rub, Ultra-Bengue, Fisiocrem, Traummel, among others.

2. Perform physical therapy

It is essential to perform physiotherapy to combat tendinitis. Physiotherapeutic treatment should be oriented to combat inflammation and pain through the use of medical devices such as ultrasound, laser or infrared light, and when the pain is reduced, muscle strengthening and stretching exercises should be initiated, such as stretching de los members, de la espalda, as well as specific exercises to deal with the area to be treated.

After 20 sessions, a good result must be obtained, which will not be the same if the individual does not collaborate, so the person must place himself hielo at home on the affected joint and keep it at rest. In addition to this, you must carry out efforts with the affected member, this includes leaving to work asking for a medical rest, if that is the case.

The ideal is that the individual does not have any type of effort in the region where the member affected by tendinitis is found. Because if you have tendinitis in the rodilla, you should avoid as much as possible:

  • Keep from pie;
  • lead;
  • Get up and squat several times in a row;
  • Playing football or practicing any other exercise was physical therapy.

In addition to this rest, it is recommended to place a hyelo pouch over the inflamed tendon for at least 15 minutes at least 2 times a day.

3. Immobilize the region

The doctor always recommends immobilizing the affected member, this is due to the fact that sometimes it is enough to just keep the joint at rest and avoid forcing it, facilitating the healing process. See the continuation in the chart:

Intensity of Symptoms treatment
Pain only during activity, slight increase in sensitivity in the region Change activity, maintain the member in rest
Little pain during activity*, the region remains sensible Perform physiotherapy, immobilize, take medication
The pain interferes in the activity and if it is difficult to work Modify the activity, physiotherapy, medication, immobilize, it may be necessary to ask for a medical rest
Pain is always present during the activity, there is greater sensitivity and muscle weakness and inflammation of the region It may be necessary to immobilize, perform exercises, use physiotherapy devices and medications
Pain is always present, it interferes with day-to-day activities, there is the presence of chronic symptoms and muscle weakness Prolonged rest, medication, physical therapy, and surgery may be necessary.

*La activity can be the work that the person poses.

Signs of improvement or that he has been empeora

Signs of improvement arise when treatment begins and pain relief begins. Signs that tendinitis is getting worse are: increased pain intensity, greater difficulty in carrying out the movement and a greater lack of strength, which may indicate that the treatment is not being effective, and other strategies may need to be adopted.

Complications of tendinitis

In some cases, the tendinitis can get worse, causing the deposition of calcium crystals in the tendon, which can generate greater dehydration and facilitate its rupture, causing tendinosis in these situations. In this case, only performing a surgery can solve the problem.

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