Cryolipolysis: what is it, how is it performed and results

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Cryolipolysis is a type of aesthetic treatment that is carried out to eliminate excess fat located in various parts of the body, such as the muscles, abdomen, chest, hips and arms, for example.

This technique is based on the intolerance of fat cells at low temperatures, as they break down when stimulated by the equipment. Cryolipolysis guarantees the elimination of about 44% of the grease located in only the first treatment session.

This type of treatment uses an equipment that freezes the cells of the grease, but for it to be effective and safe, the treatment must be carried out by a qualified professional and with a certified apparatus and with the current maintenance, and when this is not carried out , can produce burns of 2nd and 3rd degree.

How is the treatment performed?

Cryolipolysis is a simple procedure that is carried out by a professional who applies a protective gel to the skin and then positions the equipment in the region to be treated.

In this way, the apparatus will suction and cool the area until about -7 to -10ºC for 1 hour, which is the necessary time for the grease cells to freeze. After freezing, the fat cells rupture and are eliminated by the lymphatic system.

Care after treatment

After the cryolipolysis, a local massage session is indicated to homogenize the treated area. Furthermore, it is recommended that at least 1 session of lymphatic drainage or pressure therapy be carried out to facilitate the elimination of grease and speed up the results.

It is not necessary to associate any other type of aesthetic procedure with the protocol of cryolipolysis, as there are no scientific principles that they are effective. In this way, it is enough to carry out the cryolipolysis and drainage regularly to obtain the desired result.

Before and after the cryolipolysis

The results of the cryolipolysis start to appear around 15 days after starting the treatment, without embargo, these are progressive and can be observed in approximately 8 weeks, which is the time when the organism needs to completely eliminate the grease that I was frozen.

After this period, the individual must return to the clinic to evaluate the amount of grease eliminated and verify the need to carry out another session.

The minimum interval between one session and another is 2 months and each one eliminates approximately 4 cm of localized grease.

¿La criolipólisis duele?

Cryolipolysis can cause pain when the device sucks the skin, causing the sensation of a strong skin, but it happens due to the anesthesia of the skin caused by the low temperature of the device.

After the application, the skin usually becomes red and swollen, and therefore, it is recommended to perform a local massage to relieve the discomfort and improve the appearance. The treated area may remain painful for the first few hours, but it does not cause any major discomfort.

Possible risks for health

Cryolipolysis is a safe procedure, provided that it is performed by a trained professional and that the device is properly calibrated and the temperature is adjusted. If these conditions are not met, there is a risk of 2nd and 3rd burns, both because of the variation in temperature and because of the blanket that is placed between the skin and the apparatus, which must be intact.

In addition, to reduce risks, it is recommended that the interval between sessions be at least 90 days, otherwise, there may be an exaggerated inflammatory response of the organism.


The procedure is contraindicated in people diagnosed with illnesses caused by the cold, such as cryoglobulinemia or allergy to cold. It should also be avoided in cases of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, Raynaud’s syndrome, in addition to which it is also contraindicated in embarazadas and people with hernias or scars in the area to be treated.

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