22 Foods with Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

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Foods rich in vitamin B6, such as lentils, banana, spinach, salmon and almonds, are fundamental for the good functioning of the metabolism and the brain, as this vitamin acts in several metabolic reactions and in the development of the central nervous system.

In addition to this, foods rich in vitamin B6 also help to strengthen the immune system and balance the levels of homocysteine ​​in the blood, an amino acid that when it is high, can cause alliteration in the blood vessels, causing heart diseases, such as stroke, thrombosis or myocardial infarction, for example. Discover other benefits of vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is present in many foods, which is why its deficiency is very rare. However, the need for this vitamin may increase in some situations, such as embarrassment, regular consumption of alcoholic beverages and in people who have autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn’s disease or rheumatoid arthritis. In these cases, the doctor or nutritionist can also recommend vitamin B6 supplementation.

Foods rich in vitamin B6

In the table below, foods rich in vitamin B6 are shown for every 100 g of food:

Foods Quantity of Vitamin B6
1. Wheat germ 1.4 mg
2. Cow liver 1.4 mg
3. Cassava harina 0.8 mg
4. Chicken liver 0.8 mg
5. Nueces 0.7 mg
6. Avelana 0.6 mg
7. Roasted cacahuate without salt 0.5 mg
8. Sunflower seeds 0.5 mg
9. Roasted Papa 0.5 mg
10. Avocado 0.3 mg
11. Nuez macadamia 0.3 mg
12. Banana 0.3 mg
13. Crude spinach 0.2 mg
14. Overcooked lenses 0.2 mg
15. Cocida Zanahoria 0.2 mg
16. Col de bruselas 0.2 mg
17. Roasted beef 0.2 mg
18. Roasted salmon 0.2 mg
19. Cooked Pollo 0.2 mg
20. Cooked shrimp 0.1 mg
21. Sandia 0.1 mg
22. Fresh ciruela 0.03 mg

In addition to these foods, vitamin B6 can also be found in grapes, wholegrain rice, orange juice, artichokes, yogurt, broccoli, coliflor, cooked corn, milk, fresas, cheese cottagewhite rice, cooked huevo, black beans, cooked oatmeal, calabaza seeds, cacao and cinnamon.

daily recommendation

This vitamin is found in many foods and the daily requirement for the body is relatively low, varying according to age and life stages.

The recommendation of vitamin B6 in men and women between 14 and 50 years old is 1.3 mg per day. For embarassed women, the recommended amount of this vitamin is 1.9 mg per day. See the recommended vitamin B6 according to age.

Vitamin B6 supplementation

Most people can obtain an adequate amount of vitamin B6 through their diet, however, in some cases supplementation may be necessary.

Vitamin B6 is available as pyridoxine hydrochloride together with other multivitamin supplements, such as the vitamin B complex, for example. This vitamin can also be found as a unique vitamin B6 supplement, with a recommended dose of one capsule per day of 50 mg or 100 mg, preferably with meals, being important that it is prescribed by the doctor or by the nutritionist.

In some people, vitamin B6 supplements can cause nausea, stomachache, loss of appetite and headache.

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