Dental carillas (resin and porcelain): what are the advantages and disadvantages

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The dental carillas are thin sheets of resin or porcelain that can be placed by the dentist on the teeth to improve the harmony of the smile, resulting in aligned, white and well-adjusted teeth, with a durability of 10 to 15 years.

These blades, in addition to favoring aesthetics, also help to minimize the wear of teeth and accumulate less dental plaque, improving hygiene and oral health.

The carillas only have to be placed by a specialized dentist and they cannot be repaired if they are broken or broken, being necessary to replace each defective blade. The price varies according to the type of carilla that is used, since the porcelain ones are more expensive than the resin ones.

The dental carillas can be used in different cases, such as:

  • Close separations between the dients, spaces scientifically known as diastemas;
  • When people are very small in adult people;
  • Improve the appearance of broken or decayed teeth;
  • Harmonize the size of the dients;
  • Change the color of the teeth, which can be stained or dark due to several factors.

The carillas can be applied in a single patient or in the entire dental arch of the person, however, an evaluation by the dentist is necessary during a consultation to know if it is possible or not to place this type of lamina in the teeth, place that this technique cannot be used in all people.

There are different types of dental carillas, composite resin and porcelain. Know the differences between them below:

resin carilla porcelain carilla
Only 1 dental appointment Two or bad dental appointments
more economical more expensive
No mold requirement Template requirements and provisional adjustments
You are less resistant

It is more resistant and has excellent durability

You can stain and lose the color never change color
It cannot be repaired and has to be replaced if it breaks could be repaired
Tiene greater possibility of caerse It is more adherent and does not fall down easily

Before the application of the carillas, the dentist can indicate appointments to treat the teeth with caries, eliminate the sore and improve the alignment of the mismos through the use of orthodontic devices. However, in people who have a good dental occlusion, when the teeth are well aligned and when there are no factors that must be solved before the application of the carillas, the dentist can carry out the application of the resins in only one Query.

If the person opts for the porcelain carillas, at least 2 or 3 consultations may be necessary just for the preparation of the carillas, which can make the total procedure a little more expensive. However, porcelain carillas are much more durable, which could be better in a wide range.

This procedure is contraindicated when the dentist determines that the person does not have good oral hygiene and has a high risk of caries and also in the following cases:

  • When los dientes are weak and can fall;
  • When there is dental malocclusion, which occurs when the teeth of the upper dental arch do not fit correctly with the lower teeth;
  • When there are crowded (superposed) dientes;
  • When there is a decrease in dental enamel due to factors such as intense and exaggerated use of sodium bicarbonate to clean or try to whiten teeth at home.

Asimismo, it is not recommended that the people who squelch them during the night, es decir, who pose a condition called bruxismo; ni las que tengan bad habits, such as biting the nails, pencils or lapiceros, placing the dental carillas.

In order to put the carillas in the teeth, obtaining a beautiful, clear and aligned smile, it is necessary to have some care so as not to run the risk of damaging the blades. Some important precautions are:

  • Treat them when waking up, after each meal and before going to bed, every day;
  • Use mouthwash after brushing;
  • Use the dental hilo or dental silk between patients before shaving, at least once a day and whenever you feel the need;
  • Go at least once a year to the dentist for an evaluation and control consultation,
  • Don’t bite the nails on the pencils or lapiceros;
  • In case you feel that you wake up with pain in the jaw or head, go to the dentist because you may be suffering from bruxism and it is necessary to put a bite plate (ferula) to sleep. In this way, damage to the carillas is avoided. See what this condition consists of.
  • In case you feel pain from teeth, go to the dentist to evaluate the cause and start the appropriate treatment;
  • Foods that can harm or darken people should be avoided, such as dark tea, chocolate and coffee. However, a good solution for this is to take a drink of water immediately after consuming these drinks and brushing them off after eating chocolate.

In addition, whenever there is a change in color or the presence of fissures in the carillas, you should go to the dentist to repair them in order to prevent the patient from being further damaged, since these small fissures can allow the formation of caries, las cuales can affect los dientes, being difficult to see because las carillas los cover.

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