How to cure the heridas in diabetics

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When a diabetic person is injured, it is very important to pay attention to the lesion even though this condition is very small or simple, as in the case of cuts, pimples, blisters or calluses, because there is a greater risk that the lesion will not heal correctly. and, therefore, suffer a serious infection.

These cares can be carried out at home immediately after the injury occurs, at the moment of discovering a blister or a hidden call, for example. However, in all cases, it is very important to see the dermatologist as soon as possible so that the herida is evaluated and the appropriate treatment is indicated.

This occurs because diabetes is a chronic disease that causes damage to the nerves and weakens the immune system over a long period of time, making the healing process more difficult. Furthermore, as the body cannot use the sugar, it accumulates in the fabrics and facilitates the development of bacteria in the heridas, increasing the risk and the intensity of the infections.

It is important to have certain precautions in case changes occur in the skin of diabetic people, as for example:

  1. wash the region using tibia and jabón water with neutral pH;
  2. Avoid putting antiseptic products in the heridasuch as alcohol, povidone-iodine or hydrogen peroxide, can damage tissues and delay healing;
  3. Apply an antibiotic ointment prescribed by the doctor, to try to prevent the development of an infection;
  4. Cover the area with sterile gauzereplacing it every day or finding the indication of the doctor or nurse;
  5. Avoid exerting pressure on the heridapreferably using comfortable clothes or wide shoes that do not rub the wound.

If you have a callus, you should never shave or try to eliminate it at home, as it can cause serious bleeding or facilitate the development of a major infection in the area. In this way, you should always consult a podiatrist to carry out the proper treatment and avoid complications that can generate the need for amputation of the foot. Find out about some natural remedies to help heal the sores.

What to do to avoid serious complications

Due to the high risk of the lesion becoming infected or that more simple situations, such as cuts, blisters or calluses, worsen and form deep ulcers in the skin, it is important to observe the area more than once a day, looking for signs such as reddening. intense, excessive swelling of the herida, bleeding or presence of pus, and signs of aggravation of the lesion or no healing after 1 week.

In this way, in case one of these signs appears, it is important to go to the doctor again or to emergencies to change the treatment and start the use of antibiotics, which can be taken orally or applied to the herida, for the purpose of facilitate healing and eliminate bacteria.

The most common cases of serious injuries arise in the feet, because, in general, the circulation of the feet is deteriorating with the step of the years and this is necessary for the healing of wounds. Asimismo, the use of tight shoes facilitates the emergence of calluses and lesions that can appear in areas that are barely visible and not be noticed, worsening with the passage of time.

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