8 Exercises for Senior Citizens

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The practice of physical activity in the third age has many benefits, such as relieving arthritis pain, strengthening muscles and joints and preventing the emergence of injuries and chronic diseases, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, for example.

Exercises such as walking, swimming, hidrogymnasia and musculación are the most indicated in this phase of life. This type of physical activity must be practiced at least 3 times a week, under the guidance of a physical education professional or a physiotherapist, so that the exercise is carried out correctly, with adequate heart rate for the physical conditioning of the person and for prevent injuries.

In this way, the best exercises for the third age include:

1. Walk

The walks, in addition to promoting social coexistence, strengthening the muscles and joints and improving the heart rate. During the walk, it is important to keep your back and shoulders straight, wear comfortable tennis shoes with cushioning and always keep the same pace, which should be a little faster, different from the pace you normally walk.

The adult mayor should start with short trayectos and increase the distance until walking from 30 to 60 minutes, around three times a week. Before and after the walks it is very important to perform stretches to avoid injuries.

Asimism, with the aim of avoiding alterations in the circulation of blood, I think that normally occurs in the walks when the arm remains too long for low, favoring the accumulation of blood in the hands, the old man can choose to keep his arms flexed during el ejercicio, as if you were to perform a race, for example, the walk pressing an anti-stress ball, pues thus favors the circulation of the blood. See a walking routine to exercise.

2. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is also an excellent option of exercise for the people of the third age, it can help to strengthen and increase the resistance of the muscles, in addition to improving posture and increasing bone density, making them stronger and preventing their wear and tear. the possibilities of fracture, which are common that occur as the person ages due to the natural process of destruction and reduction of activity of the cells involved in the process of formation of huesos.

As some bodybuilding exercises need greater physical conditioning, it is recommended that before starting the practice of these exercises, the old person performs a medical check, mainly to evaluate the capacity of the lungs and the heart. After the doctor allows it, it is important that the bodybuilding be carried out under the guidance of the physical education professional to prevent injuries and that there is no risk to the person.

3. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises for the third age because it helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles and body joints if injuries occur or cause a great impact on the joints, which would be harmful in this age.

In addition, swimming helps to relieve pain caused by arthritis, to prevent bone loss and to reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, for example.

4. Ride a bicycle

Cycling is also a good exercise option for older adults, because it helps to strengthen joints, especially legs, shoulders and hips, as well as strengthening the muscles of the legs and abdomen.

Asimism, cycling also helps to lower blood pressure and relieve the pain caused by arthritis.

5. Stretches

The stretching, in addition to improving flexibility and blood circulation, also favors the amplitude of movements, helping to carry out daily life activities, such as adjusting the house or cooking, for example.

Asimism, the stretching exercises help to reduce the stiffness of the joints and muscles and prevent the emergence of injuries.

6. Hydrogymnasia

In hydrogymnasia or aquaerobics, all the muscles of the body are exercised and the water favors the relaxation of the joints, relieving pain and developing strength and resistance. In addition, hydrogymnasia improves heart rate and lung health. Know the benefits of hydrogymnasia for health.

7. Yoga

Yoga varies strength exercises with balance exercises, helping to improve posture, stability and flexibility of the body, as well as helping to stretch and tone the muscles and relax the joints. The practice of Yoga also promotes relaxation, increasing the feeling of being happy and the disposition to carry out daily activities. See what are the benefits of yoga for health.

8. Pilates

Pilates helps to stimulate blood circulation and increases flexibility and strength, favoring the coordination of movements. Asimism, helps to improve posture and relieve stress.

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