11 tips to cure vaginal candidiasis

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Vaginal candidiasis is an infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans, This can be prevented with simple measures such as, for example, maintaining adequate intimate hygiene, wearing tighter clothes or sleeping without clothes on.

This disease manifests itself when the immune system is weakened or when changes occur in the pH of the bacterial flora of the vaginal region, which can affect the genital organs and cause comezón, burning, pain and a lumpy flow of white color and texture. sliced ​​milk.

In case the symptoms do not improve, candidiasis can be treated with ointments or antimycotic drugs, according to the orientation of the doctor.

Next, some advices are shown to help cure and prevent vaginal candidiasis:

1. Do not stay in wet clothes

The fungus of candidiasis grows in humid and warm environments, and the intimate region is conducive to the growth of this fungus. When going to the beach, the swimming pool or the sauna or using a bath, it is important to change the inner clothes or the bathing suit before possible to avoid the wetness and the heat in the intimate region and, in this way, to prevent it. multiplication of it Candida albicans and the emergence of candidiasis.

Asimism, drying the intimate region with a soft towel to remove the wet clothes, is also essential to prevent the growth of the fungus of the candidiasis.

2. Wear suitable underwear

The type of underwear material, such as lycra, insert or microfiber, can cause irritation or allergy and increase sweating and heat in the intimate region, which can lead to a change in the vaginal pH and a deregulation of the bacterial flora , increasing the risk of developing candidiasis.

For this reason, it is recommended to wear cotton underwear and light clothing or a towel, as they allow for greater ventilation of the skin and lessen the perspiration of the intimate area, which makes the region less humid and warm and, therefore, helps to prevent the development of candidiasis.

3. Maintain adequate intimate hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene of the intimate region helps to maintain the balance of the vaginal flora and prevent the proliferation of the fungus of candidiasis. The ideal is to use water and a soap of neutral pH and to wash soil the external part of the vagina with the fingers and with gentle movements. Likewise, the use of intimate soap should be avoided, as it can change the vaginal flora and increase the risk of candidiasis.

4. Sleep without underwear

Sleeping without clothes on is an excellent option to help prevent candidiasis, because in this way, the intimate region retains less heat and is more ventilated and less humid, which makes it difficult for the fungus responsible for candidiasis to proliferate. a humid and warm environment to multiply.

Asimism, sleeping without underwear helps to control the vaginal pH, reduces the flow and excess of sweat and improves the vaginal blood circulation.

5. Avoid the use of intimate deodorant

The intimate deodorant is used to increase the sensation of freshness, but it can cause irritation and allergy and alter the flora and the vaginal pH, which increases the risk of developing candidiasis. In addition, the use of intimate deodorant can mask the change in odor that can occur in cases of diseases such as vaginal infections, making it difficult to identify the symptoms.

The ideal is to avoid the use of intimate deodorant or to use it only at the appropriate time, in the English region and in the external part of the intimate region.

6. Avoid intimate showers

The use of intimate showers, when washing inside the vaginal canal, is relatively common among women, but it can increase the risk of developing candidiasis. This is due to the fact that the intimate shower destroys the vaginal flora, causing an imbalance in the fungi and the bacteria naturally present in the vagina, which increases the chances of the appearance of candidiasis.

Asimism, the intimate shower destroys the mucosa and alters the pH of the vagina, which favors the growth of the fungus of candidiasis.

7. Avoid daily sanitary towels

Daily sanitary towels are generally used to keep underwear dry and clean throughout the day; However, daily use can increase heat and humidity in the intimate region, which, in turn, favors the growth of the fungus that causes candidiasis.

For this reason, avoiding the use of daily sanitary towels is important to prevent the emergence of candidiasis.

8. Reduce the consumption of sugar and carbohydrates

Foods such as bread, queso, chocolate, pastries and sweets, for example, should be avoided or reduced consumption when you have candidiasis, you can increase the amount of sugar in the blood, make the body more acidic and generate a loss of control of the vaginal pH, what favors the proliferation of it Candida albicans and makes it difficult to treat candidiasis.

For this reason, you should avoid the consumption of sugar and simple carbohydrates and give preference to foods that strengthen the immune system, such as fruits, vegetables, fish and nutrients.

See other advice in the following video on what to eat to fight candidiasis:

9. Avoid wet towels

The wet towels, despite being very practical, can cause irritation or allergy in the intimate region, causing the loss of control of the vaginal pH and bacterial flora, which can favor the multiplication of the fungus of candidiasis, which is why its use should be avoided.

10. Wash your underwear correctly

Clothes with dyes or perfumes to wash underwear pose many chemical substances that can irritate or cause allergies in the intimate region, causing an imbalance in the pH and in the vaginal flora, which increases the risk of candidiasis.

Washing underwear correctly, using a towel for underwear, not mixing it with other clothing in the washer and drying it in an airy environment or in the sun, are also important precautions to prevent the growth of microorganisms on the underwear that can cause vaginal infections and increase the risk of candidiasis.

11. Drinking is what strengthens the immune system

One way to prevent candidiasis is to strengthen the immune system through the use of medicinal plants, such as echinacea or regaliz, for example, in the form of tés that must be taken regularly.

Echinacea tea helps to strengthen the immune system by having phenolic compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, helping to improve the immune system; in addition, it also controls the blood sugar levels, which contributes to the reduction of candidiasis risk and the fight against misma. Find out how to prepare echinacea tea.

On the other hand, it has a substance called licochalcone A that has antimycotic properties and acts to combat the multiplication of the fungus of candidiasis. Asimismo, it has an antioxidant action that helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent candidiasis.

Watch the following video for some advice on what to eat to strengthen the immune system:

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