Steps to wash your hair correctly

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Washing the hair correctly helps to keep the hair more healthy, and can help to avoid uncomfortable problems such as dandruff, broken hair and even hair loss.

The 3 most important steps to wash your hair at home in the correct way are:

1. Wash your hair with shampoo

Washing the hair with shampoo is very important to eliminate the impurities that accumulate in the hair throughout the day.

For it, it is necessary to wet all the hair with water and then put shampoo in the hand, apply it on the hair and massage gently with the finger tip, but not with the nails, as these contribute to the dissemination of fungi and bacteria for the hairy cuero. In the case of people who do not wash their hair all day long, it is recommended to apply shampoo from time to time, as in this way the impurities can be removed better.

After washing your hair with shampoo, it must be rinsed with water so that all the product is removed

2. Apply soil conditioner on the spikes

Before applying the conditioner, which will make the hair softer and silkier, it is important to remove the excess water expressing the hair. Next, apply the conditioner on the ends and never on the roots and massage the hair.

It is recommended to leave the product to act for a few minutes and to wash the hair correctly until the entire product is removed.

3. Secar el cabello (don’t float it with the towel)

After removing all the cream, the conditioner is necessary to dry the hair with the towel, avoiding spraying it so as not to open the cuticles again and damage the hebras.

After completely removing the excess water, brush gently with a brush or long-bristled comb, choosing to let your hair dry naturally or using a hair dryer, provided that it does not exceed 80 ºC and is at a distance of by at least 20 cm from the air outlet. .

important care

Some care is necessary at the time of washing to keep the hair clean and healthy, such as:

  • Preferably use shampoos without salt, to avoid excess oil in hairy hair;
  • Avoid tying the wet hair, a point that favors the increase of dandruff and, in addition, the break of the hebras;
  • Use conditioner at the end of the wash to seal the hebras;
  • Avoid the use of very acceptable gels and creams, as they can rapidly increase grease and dandruff;
  • Always use cold water or tibia to wash your hair;
  • Never wash your hair with a soap, bath soap, soap in octopus or dishwashing detergent, you can dry your hair much.

The hair should be washed preferably in the morning so that the hebras can dry naturally during the day and maintain the shape. However, another option can be to dry the hair by applying a diffuser in the dryer itself, bearing in mind that it is always necessary to apply a thermal protector before drying.

How often to wash your hair

The hair should preferably be washed on alternate days to keep the hair clean and free from dandruff. However, very dry hair can be washed only once or twice a week, while the greasy hair or hair of people who are sudans must be washed more frequently.

Likewise, it is important to perform a deep massage every two weeks with moisturizing creams that restore the muscles and maintain their shine and natural movement.

Is it bad to wash your hair at night?

It is important to bear in mind that you should avoid washing your hair in the night so you don’t sleep with your hairy hair, because they are increasing dandruff and weakening the hebras. Therefore, if you really need to wash your hair before going to sleep, dry it with a hairdryer, using a cold temperature. For that reason, you could decide that it’s not bad to wash your hair at night, whenever you don’t sleep with your hair.

How to choose the best shampoo and conditioner

The choice of shampoo and conditioner is also important when washing hair, being necessary to have the following 4 aspects:

  • pH: the shampoo must have a pH of 4.5 to 5.5, because the hairs of the hair have an alkaline content, for this reason, the acid shampoo neutralizes them;
  • Aroma: the shampoo does not have to have perfume, you can use a shampoo with strong aroma that contains alcohol, the hair dries out;
  • Color: the transparent shampoo is better than the translucent or the watery one, because the transparent shampoo removes all the impurities, while the watery only treats the hair of the hair;
  • Texture: The shampoo must be mild and not very thick, since the very thick ones have salt, which dehydrates and dries out the hair.

In addition, when choosing a conditioner, it must have a pH between 3.5 and 4 and be rich in proteins and keratin to hydrate the hair; This information is generally found on the product label. For more specific information, ask the hairy before using it, especially if the hair is dark.

Watch the following video on how to prepare a smoothie that will make your hair stronger:

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