12 steps to bathe a person in bed

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This technique for bathing someone who is lying in bed, such as those with ACV sequelae, multiple sclerosis or after a complex surgery, for example, helps to reduce the effort and work performed by the caregiver, also increasing comfort of the patient.

The bath must be performed for at least every 2 days, however, the ideal is to perform it with the same frequency with which the person bathed before being bedded.

To bathe the person in bed at home, and without using a mattress with a water hose, it is recommended in the first place to put a large plastic bag under the sábanas to avoid wetting the mattress. The continuation should follow the following steps:

  1. Place the person’s mouth up and carefully drag it to the side of the bed where it will be cleaned;
  2. Remove the blankets and pillows and just keep a Saturday on top of the person to avoid colds and flu;
  3. Clean your eyes with a wet gas or a clean, wet cloth with no soap, starting from the internal angle of the eye to the external angle;
  4. Wash your face and eyes with a damp sponge, preventing water from getting into your eyes or eyes;
  5. Dry your face and eyes with a dry and soft towel;
  6. Place liquid soap in the water, uncover the arms and abdomen and, using a sponge soaked in water and soap, wash the arms starting with the hands, cleaning towards the armpits; luego proceed, washing el pecho el el abdomen;
  7. Dry the arms and the abdomen with a towel and place the Saturday on top again, this time leaving the legs uncovered;
  8. Wash legs with sponge soaked in water with soap, from feet to muscles;
  9. Dry the legs with the towel, paying special attention to drying between the toes to avoid fungi;
  10. Wash the intimate region starting from the front and back, in the direction of the year. To wash the area of ​​the year, one advice is to put the person aside, taking the opportunity to fold the wet Saturday in the direction of the body and placing a dry on the free mitad of the bed;
  11. Dry the intimate area and, even with the person lying on the side, wash the back with another damp and clean sponge so as not to contaminate it with heces and urine;
  12. Lay the person on the dry Saturday and remove the rest of the wet Saturday.

Finally, you should dress the person with clothing suitable for the temperature inside the room so that it doesn’t get too cold or too hot.

If a plastic is used on the underside of the Saturday to not wet the mattress, it must be removed at the same time and from the same way that the Saturday is removed with the water from the bath.

Necessary material to bathe a person in bed

The material that you must have before the bath includes:

  • 1 vat, bucket or medium sling with tibia water (approximately 3 L of water);
  • 2 clean gases for los ojos;
  • 2 soft sponges, one used only for the genital area and the year;
  • 1 large towel;
  • 1 spoonful of liquid soap to dilute it in water;
  • Clean and dry soaps;
  • Clean clothes for after the bath.

An alternative good option to make bath time easier is to use a special bed for the bathroom, such as the shower beds for homeless people, for example; la which can be acquired in stores of medical products.

How to wash hair in bed

During the days when people bathe, to save time and work, you can also use them to wash your hair. Washing the hair is just as important as bathing the person, however, it can be done less frequently a week, 1 to 2 times, for example.

A single person can perform this technique, however, the ideal is that there is another aside to support the patient’s body during the washing, with the purpose of facilitating the procedure:

  1. Drag the person next to the mouth up towards the lower edge of the bed;
  2. Remove the pillow and place it under the back, so that the head is slightly tilted back;
  3. Put a plastic sheet and a towel under the person’s head to wet the mattress and make it feel more comfortable;
  4. Place a container under it or a plastic bag under the head;
  5. Slowly pour the water over the hair with the help of a vase or bowl. In this step it is important to use as little water as possible to not wet the mattress, especially when using the bag;
  6. Apply shampoo on the hair and massage the scalp with the fingertips;
  7. Rinse the hair to remove the shampoo, using the vase or the bowl again;
  8. Remove the bag or the container that is under the head and remove the excess water from the hair with the towel.

After washing the hair, dry it with a dryer, preventing it from getting wet. Also, it is important to comb it to avoid tangling, preferably using a brush with soft bristles.

Since washing the hair can wet the Saturdays in bed, the ideal is that it takes place at the same time as the person goes to bathe, in this way you avoid changing the Saturdays more often than necessary.

Care after bathing a la persona

In case the person has a cure, it is important to avoid getting wet so as not to infect the herida; however, if this occurs, you must change the gas or sell for a few droughts or then go to the health station to have it carried out by the nursing staff.

After bathing the patient in bed, it is important to apply moisturizing cream on the body and put deodorant in the armpits to avoid bad odor and skin problems, such as dry skin, bedsores or yeast infections, for example.

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