Vellosa black tongue: possible causes and treatment

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La lengua negra vellosa, also called lengua negra vellosa or lengua negra pilosa, is usually not a symptom of a serious problem that occurs, in most cases, due to an infection by fungi or bacteria, which are accumulating in the papillae tongue tastes. It is for this reason that the velvety black tongue, in general, is accompanied by a sensation of hair growth on the tongue, which is nothing more than the slightly enlarged taste buds.

In this way, it is always important to consult a dentist or a doctor when this change in the color of the language occurs, to diagnose the problem and start the treatment, which may include the use of antimycotic drugs in the case of a fungal infection .

This is a relatively common problem, especially among people who have bad oral hygiene.

What could cause the black velvety tongue

Because the black velvety tongue appears due to the accumulation of fungi or bacteria in the papillae of the tongue, it is more common in situations of:

  • Oral hygiene bag: This allows the excessive development of bacteria and fungi because they are not removed with the cepillo. For this reason, it is always important to clip the language in which to clip the dients. See the correct technique for brushing teeth;
  • Little saliva production: apart from helping with food intake, saliva also eliminates dead cells from the tongue, preventing the accumulation of fungi and bacteria;
  • liquid diet: in addition to saliva, solid foods also remove some dead cells from the tongue. In this way, when you have a liquid diet, these cells can accumulate and facilitate the development of fungi and bacteria.

Also, the regular use of some medications, such as antidepressants, certain antihistamines and antihypertensives, can cause dry mouth and can also lead to the development of the velvety black tongue. Bismuth subsalicylate can also interact with saliva substances and form a compound that accumulates and turns the tongue black, resulting only in the suspension of the drug.

Why does the tongue seem to have hairs

Generally, the taste buds have a pink color and a reduced size that prevents them from being visible to the naked eye; However, due to the accumulation of fungi or bacteria, dead cells and tissue, these papillae can change color and take a more extended form.

However, there are people who can have a more marked change in the color of the language in comparison with others and, in addition, they seem to have more hair. This is usually due to habits such as smoking or drinking too much coffee during the day.

Other possible symptoms

In addition to the visible alteration of the tongue, the velvety black tongue can also cause other symptoms such as:

  • Slight burning sensation in the tongue;
  • metallic taste;
  • ill alienate.

Due to changes in flavor and alienation, some people may also experience constant nausea, however, this does not mean any gastric problem.

How is the treatment performed?

In most cases, a specific treatment is not necessary for the vellose black tongue, advising only to have a more adequate and regular hygiene of the tongue to eliminate the excess of dead cells and microorganisms. Generally, it is advisable to carry out a washing 2 times a day and, in this way, it is common for the symptoms to disappear after approximately 1 week.

However, in the event that the lengua vellosa negra does not disappear, the best thing is to go to the dentist or the general physician to identify the cause. For example, in the case of being caused by the use of some medication, it is necessary to replace it or, at least, modify the treatment dose.

Similarly, some doctors may recommend an antimycotic drug or an antibiotic to try to eliminate microorganisms more quickly and accelerate the treatment.

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