41 weeks of embarrassment: baby development and changes in women

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gestation week: 41 weeks

Equivalent to month: 9 months and 6 days

Equivalent to the days: 281 to 286 days of gestation

In the 41st week of pregnancy, all organs are fully formed, the baby continues to gain weight and is ready to be born. The baby’s skin tends to be redder and dry, it may have lost most of the caseous vernix that covered her skin.

During this week, women may find it difficult to sleep due to the size of their belly, which makes it more difficult to get a comfortable position for the baby, which can also generate excessive tiredness. Asimismo, it is normal that in this phase of the pregnancy, the woman feels more anxious thanks to the proximity of the childbirth.

After 41 weeks, it is possible for the doctor to opt for induction of childbirth or cesarean section, as the embarrassment progresses beyond 9 months, increasing the risks of complications for the baby.

baby development

In the 41st week of pregnancy, all organs are fully formed and the baby continues to gain weight. In this week, the baby’s skin tends to be more red and dry, you can lose the major part of the caseous vernix that covered the skin, which is a white and thick coverage, similar to wax, which has the function of hydrating and protect the skin of the amniotic fluid.

Certain areas of the bones of the baby’s skull, called fontanelles or mollera, are nevertheless separated to allow the head to compress enough to pass through the birth canal. These areas of the skull will remain white until a year after birth, to allow the brain to continue developing.

Baby size and weight

The size of the fetus with 41 weeks of embarrassment is around 51.7 centimeters, measured from head to feet, being equivalent to the size of a calabaza. The baby’s weight this week is around 3.68 kg.

Changes in the woman’s body

In the 41st week of pregnancy, the woman may have symptoms of excessive tiredness, difficulty sleeping, insomnia and/or swelling in the piernas and in the pies. Asimismo, the woman can feel more anxious for the birth of the baby.

The contractions can start at any moment and tend to be more powerful and painful. When a woman wants a normal delivery, eating foods with pepper, if they do not cause acidity, having sexual relations can help to speed up the labor.

Once the contractions begin, it is necessary to note the time and with what frequency they appear, to evaluate the progress of the childbirth. Know the signs and symptoms of childbirth.

If the labor does not start spontaneously this week, it is possible that the obstetrician opts for the hospitalization of the woman to monitor and induce the birth. In certain cases, the obstetrician may indicate the performance of a cesarean. Find out how the childbirth is induced and when it is indicated.

This is because as the embarrassment progresses beyond 9 months, the risks of complications for the baby increase, as the placenta may age and calcify, and the amount of amniotic fluid may decrease, compromising the supply of oxygen and nutrients for it. baby.

On certain occasions, it is possible that the pregnancy lasts until 42 weeks, and must be constantly monitored by the obstetrician.

Care during the 41st week

In the 41st week of embarrassment, some precautions are important to help alleviate any ailments that may arise, such as:

  • Excessive tiredness: to rest during the day, to be able, and to go to bed a little more early for the nights, it can help to reduce the fatigue and increase the mood;
  • Difficulty sleeping or insomnia: sleeping with a pillow between the legs and lying on the side, or in a position that the woman feels comfortable, helps to reduce the diseases that interfere with the sueño. Furthermore, it is important to create a sleep routine and a peaceful and comfortable environment to sleep, and to avoid sleeping during the day so as not to become numb at night;
  • Hinchazón de las piernas or los pies: don’t stay too long and put your feet at a higher level than your body, supporting them when you need to sit down, help improve blood circulation in your legs and contribute to relieving your legs or feet. However, if the hinchazón does not improve, it starts suddenly or appears in the hands and on the face, you should seek medical help immediately, as it could be a sign of preeclampsia. See more about preeclampsia and how treatment is performed;
  • Anxiety: sleeping and resting a little, looking for ways to relax, such as practicing meditation, yoga, breathing exercises or listening to relaxing music, can help reduce anxiety.

In this week of pregnancy, the woman must continue to follow the medical recommendations and be attentive to the signs of labor, such as rupture of the amniotic sac, regular contractions that increase in intensity and in the mejoran with the movement of the body, and the presence of vaginal secretion.

Likewise, constant follow-up with the obstetrician must be maintained to assess the health of the baby.

main exams

From the 41st week of embarazo to the 42nd week, the woman must be monitored by a doctor every 48 or 72 hours. For this reason, the obstetrician can advise the admission to the hospital, clinic or maternity hospital to carry out a more detailed monitoring of blood pressure, the baby’s heart rate, the amount of amniotic fluid, placental health and weight of the baby and its movements, in addition to the height of the uterus and the cuello of the uterus.

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