5 Unhealthy foods (and why they can be substituted)

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Unhealthy foods include fried foods, sausages, frozen precooked food, salsas and refreshments, as they contain saturated fats, additives, colorings, preservatives and other components that are harmful to the body.

In addition, this type of food increases the risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart problems and cancer. For this reason, it is important to adopt a varied and healthy diet where priority is given to the intake of fruits, vegetables and vegetables, wholegrain cereals, lean meats and good fats from seeds or nuts, for example. See how to make a healthy diet.

These foods can be replaced by habits or healthier versions of foods, such as cooking foods on a plate or preparing fresh water with lemon instead of drinking refreshments. It is important that before any doubt you go to a nutritionist to carry out an evaluation and help you improve your eating habits.

The main foods that are not healthy for the body are:

1. Fries

The foods that are prepared in the form of frying end up being rich in extra calories and in trans fats, which can cause several negative effects on health, increasing the risk of suffering heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. In addition, during the frying process, acrylamide can be produced, a compound that forms at high temperatures and increases the risk of suffering different types of cancer.

Excessive consumption of refined vegetable oils such as soy, canola, corn, cotton, sunflower and sesame oil, for example, are unstable at high temperatures, favoring the formation of acrylamide, harming health.

Healthy alternatives: preparing food a la plancha, cooked, cooked, in the oven or in electric ovens, I feel these options do not need to be accepted or very little accepted to cook the food. Know what are the consequences of consuming saturated fats in excess.

If it is necessary to freeze the food, there are some oils that can be used at high temperatures, they are more resistant to heat and are less harmful to health, these are coconut oil and avocado oil.

2. Processed meats and sausages

Processed meats and sausages such as sausages, longaniza, jamon serrano, pechuga de pavo and mortadella are rich in grease, salt, preservatives and flavor enhancers, which have been proven to increase the risk of problems such as high pressure and intestinal cancer, for example.

Healthy alternatives: alternatively, sausages should be replaced with lean meats such as pollo, pavo and pescados, as well as lean red meat cuts. In addition, you can eat huevos, tofu, soy meat, soy-based quesos and white quesos low in grease.

3. Frozen precooked food

Frozen foods, such as lasagna, pizza and fried sausages, are usually rich in salt and grease in bags, elements that help preserve the food and give it more flavor, but they end up causing problems such as fluid retention and increased blood pressure.

Healthy alternatives: The best alternative is to prepare the meals at home and freeze them for use during the week. It is easy and practical to have shredded meat or frozen ground meat in small portions, for example, it is also possible to freeze other foods such as breads, fruits, vegetables and vegetables, for example. See how to freeze food.

4. Diced condiments and salsas

The seasonings in meat, chicken or vegetables, as well as salsas (soya, English, tomato, mayonnaise, alioli, among others) are rich in preservatives, flavor enhancers, fats and sodium, favoring the increase in blood pressure, fluid retention and weight gain.

Healthy alternatives: seasoning foods with salt and natural herbs is the best alternative. These herbs can be used both natural and dehydrated; and, on the other hand, it is also possible to enjoy cooked chicken broth or meat prepared with natural herbs, which can be frozen in the form of hielo cubes.

5. Refreshments

Refreshments are drinks rich in sugar, additives, preservatives and flavor enhancers, which increase the risk of intestinal problems, inflammation, increased blood sugar, obesity and diabetes. Know why the refreshments are bad.

Healthy alternatives: alternatively, you can use agua con gas, hielo y limón or naranja, for example. The natural yokes without sugar are also a good alternative. See some delicious recipes to prepare flavored waters.

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