5 Yokes for Urinary Infection (easy to prepare)

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The yokes for urinary infection are excellent options to help with the treatment of the infection, as the fruits used to prepare these yokes are diuretics and contain vitamin C, which help to strengthen the immune system and prevent bacteria from being adhered the urinary tract, helping to eliminate these microorganisms.

In addition to this, some of these yokes contain vegetables, such as horseradish and bell pepper, which have antimicrobial properties, are very good to help eliminate bacteria and complement the treatment of urinary tract infection.

This infection is very common in women, especially during embarrassment, with the appearance of symptoms such as pain and burning when urinating, as well as a feeling of heaviness in the bladder and an increase in the number of urination. Learn more about the treatment of urinary infection in embarassment.

Some yokes that can help in the treatment of urinary infection are:

1. Jugo of sand and orange

This yoke is recommended to prevent and help fight urinary infection, as it contains vitamins and minerals with a diuretic effect and increases the body’s defenses.


Preparation method:

Peel the oranges and separate them in guys, cut the sandia in pieces and peel the piña. Mix all the ingredients and paste as needed. Drink approximately 3 pots a day until symptoms disappear.

2. Jugo of cranberries

The cranberry juice also helps to treat and prevent urinary infections, as it contains a high concentration of proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, terpenoids, catechins, citric and malic acid, which are substances that act to make it difficult for bacteria to adhere to and develop in the tract. urinary.


Preparation method:

Mix all the ingredients and drink several vessels of this yoke throughout the day at the first symptom of a urinary tract infection. People who are susceptible to having recurrent urinary tract infections should drink from the vessels daily as a preventive measure.

3. Diuretic green yoke

This yoke is a good diuretic that serves to clear the bladder, in addition it contains antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation and increase the defenses in the body, being recommended for this type of infections.


  • 3 hojas de repollo;

  • 1 cucumber;

  • 2 manzanas;

  • Perezil;

  • medium vase of water.

Preparation method:

Peel the manzanas and the cucumber, wash all the ingredients well and mix them all in the blender and finally, add the water. Drink 2 vessels of this yoke a day.

4. Spicy horseradish yoke and lemon

El yoke of spicy horseradish (rustic armor) and lemon, in addition to containing vitamin C, they provide antibacterial and diuretic properties that help to treat urinary tract infections.


Preparation method:

Place all the ingredients in a blender and mix for a few minutes. You should drink several pots a day to improve the infection.

5. Jugo de bello and kiwi

This yoke provides vitamin C and contains antimicrobial properties, beneficial to help fight the bacteria that cause urinary tract infection.


  • 1 bowl of screams;

  • 2 kiwis;

  • 1 orange yoke;

  • 2 water pots.

Repair mode:

Place all the ingredients in a blender and mix for a few minutes. You should drink several pots a day to improve the infection.

These yokes should only be used as a complement to the treatment of urinary tract infection, which is generally carried out with antibiotics prescribed by a urologist.

See also the home remedies and medicines that can help in the treatment, in the following video:

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