Caminata routine for embarazadas women (by quarters)

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This walking training for pregnant women can be carried out by athletic or sedentary women and, in most cases, it can be carried out throughout the entire embarazo. In this plan, it is recommended to walk between 15 and 40 minutes a day, 3 to 5 times a week; in addition, it is important to consult the obstetrician before starting the walks.

Generally, the embarassed woman must have a walk cut at a light pace in the first months of pregnancy, because there is a greater risk of abortion; and also at the end of the embarazo, you put the volume of the vientre in this stage causes a lot of inconvenience.

Benefits of walking in the embarazo

La caminata is one of the best exercises for pregnant women, pues:

  • Helps not to gain too much weight during embarazo;
  • Do not overload las articulaciones de las rodillas ni de los tobillos;
  • Avoid the soreness of the legs;
  • Improves balance, a point that strengthens the muscles, especially those of the hips and legs.

La caminata también helps a woman who is embarrassed to maintain her ideal weight. Enter your data for a personal evaluation:

Regular practice of exercise in embarrassment also facilitates normal delivery.

Walk plan for embarassed women

The walking training can be carried out in free air or in the walker and, in most cases, it must be carried out during the entire period, alternating between moments of slower walking with moments of faster walking.

The walking time must vary between 15 to 40 minutes and must be adapted to the month of pregnancy in which the woman meets. In this way, the plan must respect:

  • light rhythm: the step must be slow, approximately 4 km/h in the walker; this exercise is used to warm the body, prepare the muscles and joints and, in addition, to help the body to recover from the exercise;
  • Moderate pace: el paso de la mujer can vary between 5 to 6 km/h, allowing you to speak naturally without stopping without alienation.

Before and after the caminata, the embarazada woman can carry out some stretching exercises, mainly for the legs and the cadera, which can be indicated by a trainer at the gym.

Walk plan for the first trimester

In this phase, the embarassed woman is more likely to have nausea and vomiting, and also has a greater risk of miscarriage, which can reduce the desire to exercise. Therefore, women should walk, but keep a slow pace, walking 2 to 3 times a week and 15 to 30 minutes, preferably outdoors and in a quiet place.

Hiking plan for the second trimester

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the embarassed woman should slowly increase the walking time and the number of times she walks per week, ranging from 3 to 5 times. Next, observe a walking plan for the pregnant woman in this phase of embarrassment:

gestation week training indications
13th week

20 min lunes/miércoles/viernes

5 min easy + 10 min moderate + 5 min easy

14th week 20 min lunes/miércoles/viernes/sunday 5 min easy + 10 min moderate + 5 min easy
15th to 16th week 20 min lunes/miércoles/viernes/saturday/sunday 5 min easy + 10 min moderate + 5 min easy
17th to 18th week 25 min lunes/miércoles/viernes/sunday 5 min easy + 15 min moderate + 5 min easy
19th to 20th week 30 min lunes/martes/miércoles/saturday/sunday 5 min easy + 20 min moderate + 5 min easy
21st to 22nd week 35 min lunes/martes/miércoles/viernes 5 min easy + 25 min moderate + 5 min easy
23rd to 24th week 40 min lunes/mars/viernes/saturday/sunday 5 min easy + 30 min moderate + 5 min easy

In case the pregnant woman experiences difficulties in complying with this plan, she should reduce 5 minutes of training each week.

Walking plan for the third trimester

In the third trimester, the embarassed woman must decrease the walking time, because it is in this phase that the pain in the back increases due to the increase in the size of the window, generating greater discomfort. In this way, the pregnant woman can follow the next plan:

gestation week training indications
25th to 28th week 30 min lunes/martes/miércoles/saturday/sunday 5 min easy + 20 min moderate + 5 min easy
29th to 32nd week 25 min lunes/miércoles/viernes/sunday 5 min easy + 15 min moderate + 5 min easy
33rd to 35th week 20 min lunes/miércoles/viernes/sunday 5 min easy + 10 min moderate + 5 min easy
36th to 37th week 15 min martes/miércoles/viernes/sunday 3 min easy + 9 min moderate + 3 min easy
38th to 40th week 15 min martes/jueves/saturday 3 min easy + 9 min moderate + 3 min easy

To maintain a healthy embarazo, the embarassed woman, in addition to walking, must maintain a balanced and healthy diet, which includes the intake of vegetables, fruits, good fats and carbohydrates rich in fiber.

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