Presotherapy: what is it, what does it serve and benefits

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Pressure therapy is a type of lymphatic drainage in which an equipment similar to giant “boots” is used that cover the entire leg, abdomen and arms. In this equipment, the air fills these “boots”, pressing the legs and the abdomen in a rhythmic way, which allows to move the lymph and deshinchar the region.

The pressure therapy sessions last approximately 40 minutes and can be carried out in aesthetic or physical therapy clinics, as long as they are with a trained professional. Despite being a safe procedure with several advantages, it is not recommended for people who have an active infection in the place where the drainage is to be carried out or in those who have deep vein thrombosis.

Presotherapy is an excellent treatment to eliminate excess fluid from the body, being particularly useful to be performed in the following situations:

  • After plastic surgery or aesthetic treatment, such as lipocavitation;
  • To fight cellulitis;
  • To deflate the abdominal region and, even though it doesn’t eliminate fat, help to reduce the measurements, which is why it “slims”;
  • To treat lymphedema in the arm after breast removal;
  • For people who have vascular spiders, small to medium varices caliber or fluid retention that causes swelling in the legs with a feeling of heaviness and pain;
  • In the case of chronic venous insufficiency, where symptoms such as swelling, darkening of the skin or eczema appear, which cause pain, fatigue and heaviness in the legs;
  • During the embarazo because it completely eliminates the hinchazón in the piernas and the pies, promoting the health and the well-being of the pregnant woman; However, it must not be used on the el vientre so as not to cause discomfort.

Each session lasts from 30 to 40 minutes and, if necessary, can be performed daily. To improve the effectiveness of the treatment, a pad can be placed under the legs of the person so that they are in a higher position than the heart, which also facilitates venous return.

The main difference from pressure therapy with regard to manual lymphatic drainage is that the device always exerts the same pressure on the body, which is the reason why, despite helping, the manual lymphatic drainage can be more efficient, because the body is worked by Parts and the therapist can stay longer in an area that needs further treatment. Asimismo, in the manual drainage, all the liquid is directed by sessions, while in the pressure therapy the neumatic pressure occurs on all the member of a single time.

In this way, in order for the pressure therapy to have better results, it is necessary to carry out around 10 minutes of manual lymphatic drainage around the skin and in the ganglios of the rodillas and the ingles, with the aim of making the procedure more efficient. In case this care is not taken on account, the effectiveness of the pressure therapy diminishes.

Therefore, it can be concluded that performing pressure therapy alone is not as efficient as performing a manual lymphatic drainage session; Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a manual procedure with the vaciado de los ganglios before starting the procedure, thus increasing its effectiveness.

Although it is considered a safe procedure, pressure therapy is not recommended in certain situations, such as:

  • Fever;
  • Infection or inherited in the area to be treated;
  • Large caliber varices;
  • Cardiac alterations, such as heart failure or arrhythmia;
  • Sensation of tingling in the treated areas;
  • Deep vein thrombosis that manifests itself with intense pain in the calf;
  • Sobre el vientre during el embarazo;
  • Cancer and its complications, such as lymphedema (lymphatic drainage is allowed);
  • Persons who use cardiac pacemakers;
  • Infection in the ganglia;
  • Erysipelas;
  • Fracture that is not yet consolidated in the area to be treated.

In these cases, prison therapy could be harmful to health, therefore, it is contraindicated.

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