What are the contraindicated exercises during embarazo?

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The exercises that should not be practiced during the embarrassment are those that present a risk of injuries in the vientre, a risk of falls or those that affect much of the abdomen and the back of the woman. Therefore, the contraindicated exercises during pregnancy are the abdominals, the flexes, the jumps, running and the exercises that require balance, keep breathing or sean performed with the mouth down.

Exercises may be contraindicated according to the health of the pregnant woman, ranging from absolute contraindication, when the woman cannot practice any physical activity, such as in cases of heart disease, thrombosis, high pressure or vaginal bleeding; and relative contraindication, when the doctor evaluates the case and authorizes more light exercises, such as in cases of anemia, uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid diseases, for example.

The ideal is to ask the doctor during prenatal consultations if there is any contraindication for performing physical activity during embarassment, but the type of exercise that will be practiced will depend on the health history of the woman and general health of the embarassment.

contraindicated sports

Among the sports that may not be recommended during embarazo are the following:

1. run

Running can cause injury to the joints, as they are overloaded during embarrassment; in addition, due to excessive exercise of the body while running, the body temperature of a woman can rise a lot and cause fetal stress, restriction of intrauterine growth and prematurity.

Asimism, no woman should start running during pregnancy; But if she practiced this sport before getting embarrassed, and if the obstetrician allows it, she could run until she finishes the third trimester, as long as she doesn’t exert much effort during this physical activity.

2. Abdominals

Abdominal exercises, such as complete abdominal exercises or double leg lifts, may require a lot of the abdominal muscles, and the position of these exercises, which are placed at the top of the mouth, can cause pressure on the umbilical cord and decrease the baby’s oxygenation.

In addition, women can suffer from low tension, which can cause discomfort, seasickness, nausea and fainting. For this reason, abdominal exercises are not indicated during embarassment.

3. Ride a bicycle

Riding a bicycle can produce a fall, mainly due to the change in the body’s grave condition during pregnancy and pregnancy, which requires better posture and balance on the part of the woman, especially in the last trimester of embarrassment.

A fall can cause complications such as vaginal bleeding, detachment of the placenta and even abortion, and require immediate medical attention. For this reason, riding a bicycle is not recommended during pregnancy.

Know other causes of placental detachment and how to treat it.

4. Seats

The seats can exert a lot of pressure on the ligaments located around the pelvis, the muscles that float during the embarrassment due to the action of the hormones, with the aim of ensuring that the baby’s head can pass at the time of childbirth, which is why These exercises can increase the risk of injuries and, therefore, are not indicated during pregnancy. The best way to strengthen the pelvic muscles during embarrassment is through Kegel exercises.

Find out how to carry out Kegel exercises during pregnancy.

5. Certain yoga positions

It is advisable to avoid some yoga positions that involve staying upside down for more than a few minutes, especially during the fourth month of pregnancy. This is because, in this position, with the weight of the uterus and of the baby, interruption of the blood flow to the legs and feet of the mother and also to the placenta may occur, harming the baby’s oxygenation.

6. Crossfit

Crossfit is a high-impact and high-intensity sport that can cause injury to the joints and increase the body temperature of the pregnant woman, which can harm the development of the fetus and cause low birth weight of the baby, which should be avoided during embarazo.

7. Contact sports

During pregnancy, you should avoid any sport that involves direct body contact, such as football, volleyball, ballooning and sports such as boxing and martial arts, for example. This is because in these sports there is a great risk of receiving a blow in the vientre and suffering falls, which can put at risk and embarrassment or even cause spontaneous abortion.

8. Heavy weight training

Heavy weight training can increase the risk of herids and injuries due to changes in posture and body balance and hormonal changes in embarrassment that cause ligaments and joints to loosen to adapt to the baby. Similarly, using excessive weight bearing increases the chances of miscarriage or premature birth.

However, in certain cases, the obstetrician can allow the woman to have muscle, whenever she has little weight and light physical effort and is guided at all times by a physical education professional.

9. Mouth

The mouth is a sport that should not be practiced during pregnancy due to the high risk of causing in the baby a decompression illness that can affect the brain, spinal cord, lungs or ear, for example, and cause abortion.

Asimism, the buceo demands a lot of the cardiac and pulmonary system, those who are already overloaded in the pregnant woman for supplying oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

When to interrupt physical activity

Physical activity must be interrupted if the pregnant woman has headache, muscle weakness or feeling of faintness, for example. Similarly, other situations where the practice of exercise should also be interrupted include the following:

  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • Contractions or pain in the uterus;
  • Lack of air after performing the effort;
  • heart palpitations;
  • Pain in the pecho;
  • Pain or swelling of the pantorrilla.

In this way, in the presence of some of these signs and symptoms, it is important that the woman stops the activity and seeks medical help as soon as possible, so it is possible to prevent some complications of understanding the general health status of the woman and the patient. embarassment, such as premature birth, decreased fetal movements or loss of amniotic fluid.

When exercise is contraindicated

Exercises may be contraindicated depending on the health of the pregnant woman, ranging from absolute contraindication, which is when the woman cannot practice any physical activity, and relative contraindication, which is when the doctor evaluates the case and authorizes lighter exercises.

absolute contraindication contraindication relative
decompensated heart failure Anemia
Cardiac insufficiency Thyroid diseases
thrombosis decompensated diabetes
recent pulmonary embolism morbid obesity
acute infectious disease Background of extreme sedentary lifestyle
Risk of premature birth Placenta
uterine bleeding twins embarrassment
Rh incompatibility Premature baby birth in the past
high pressure Problems in the column
Suspect of fetal distress Problems in the articulation of the chair
Patient without prenatal follow-up Menace of spontaneous abortion

It is important to bear in mind that embarassed women who present any contraindication must speak with their obstetrician first to obtain indications about the activities that they may or may not practice and, in addition, they must always be guided by a trainer during the exercises.

To stay active in a safe way, see which are the safest exercises to perform in the embarassment.

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