26 Fiber-rich fruits (for weight reduction and relaxation)

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Fruits rich in fiber such as coconut crudo, guayaba, maracuyá, los arándanos azules and tamarindo, for example, provide many benefits for health, can help fight stress, treat hemorrhoids, reduce cholesterol levels and blood triglycerides and even prevent colon cancer.

In addition, the fibers present in fruits when they reach the stomach form a kind of gel that delays the digestion of food, increasing the feeling of satiety between meals, as it favors weight loss and helps to balance the levels of glucose in blood, being very useful to control and prevent diabetes.

For this reason, to take advantage of the benefits of fiber, it is important to include between 2 and 3 servings of fruit in the daily diet, as well as being accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, as well as regular physical activity. Find out more benefits of fiber and other foods that contain it.

In the table, the continuation indicates the amount of fiber and calories that 100 g of each fruit provide:

fruits amount of fiber Energy
1. Raw coconut 5.4 g 406 kcal
2. Guayaba 5.3 g 41 kcal
3. Pomarrosa 5.1 g 27 kcal
4. Tamarind 5.1 g 242 kcal
5. Job 3.9 g 56 kcal
6. Maracuya / parchita 3.3 g 52 kcal
7. Plantain / banana / cambur 3.1 g 104 kcal
8. Blue cranberries 3.1 g 43 kcal

9. Avocado

3.0 g 114 kcal
10. Mango 2.9 g 59 kcal
11. Azaí, pulp without sugar 2.6 g 58 kcal
12. Papaya / lechosa 2.3 g 45 kcal
13. Duration 2.3 g 44 kcal
14. Pear 2.2 g 47 kcal
15. Manzana with cascara 2.1 g 64 kcal
16. Lemon 2.1 g 31 kcal
17. Mills / Fruits 2.0 g 34 kcal
18. Ciruela cruda 1.9 g 41 kcal
19. Guanábana 1.9 g 62 kcal
20. Orange 1.8 g 48 kcal
21. Mandarin 1.7 g 44 kcal
22. Persimmon 1.5 g 65 kcal
23. Pineapple 1.2 g 48 kcal
24. Melon 0.9 g 30 kcal
25. Grape 0.9 g 53 kcal
26. Sandia/pawlet 0.3 g 26 kcal

In addition to containing fibers, fruits are also rich in several vitamins and minerals, which act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, improving metabolism and detoxifying the body, by containing, in general, a lot of water. Know what foods cause stress.

In what part of the fruit is the fiber found?

The fiber content in the fruit is found in the pulp and in the shell, the latter being where the greatest quantity is found.

For this reason, the consumption of whole fruit is recommended and if it is possible with the shell, it should be avoided in the form of a yoke, because in this way it loses most of its fibers and concentrates the sugar, not recommended in the diets for weight loss or diabetic personas.

In addition to this, it is also important to stress that the amount of fiber in a fruit varies according to its state of ripeness, as the fruit matures, it will present a greater amount of sugars and a smaller amount of fibers.

Recommended daily amount of fiber

Recommendations for daily fiber consumption vary according to age and gender, as shown below:

  • children of 1-3 years: 19 g
  • children of 4-8 years: 25 g
  • children of 9-13 years: 31 g
  • children of 14-18 years: 38 g
  • chicks of 9-18 years: 26 g
  • men of 19-50 years: 35 g
  • women of 19-50 years: 25 g
  • men with over 50 years: 30 g
  • women with over 50 years: 21 g

There are no fiber recommendations for babies under 1 year old, and they are fed mainly with milk, fruits, vegetables and pureed or ground meats.

Watch the video for a continuation of some fruits rich in fiber that help improve intestinal transit:

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