Crossfit at home: 5 exercises to slim down

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He crossfit It is a form of high-intensity training that should ideally be carried out in suitable gyms or training studios, on the ground to avoid injuries, as well as so that the exercises are gradually adapted to the needs and physical condition of each person.

However, there are some basic exercises and movements that are safe enough to be performed at home by those people who want to try out the modality for those who have little time to go to the gym.

For the general, the exercises of crossfit help slimming and losing fat, they can be carried out with a lot of intensity, generating a great expense of energy and calories. Asimismo, also helps to tone the muscles and develop the strength and flexibility, as the person exercises muscles, joints and tendons at the same time.

1. Tijera heels

The heels of tijera, also known as jumping jacksit is an excellent exercise for the heating, it can increase the heart rate, it warms the muscles and the joints and, in addition, it contributes to the increase of the motor coordination due to the movement of the arms and the legs.

To carry out this exercise, you must:

  1. stand up with the legs together and the hands playing the muscles;
  2. Open and close the legs, taking a small leap without moving from the site, and simultaneously lifting the arms above the head, touching the hands with each other. Luego, you must go back to lowering your hands until you touch your muscles and, in turn, join your legs.

The movement of the legs is similar to the movement of a tijera to open and close, and it is important to try to keep the same rhythm at all times.

2. Flexions

The flexes are a relatively simple and very complete exercise that is important to increase the strength of the arms, the pectorales and the abdomen. Mientras más cerca se encuentran las manos, más se trabajan los arms; and even more separated if they find the hands, but if they work the pectorales.

To perform this exercise, you must:

  1. Acostarse en el suelo boca abajo;
  2. Position the palms of the hands in el suelo, separated at the level of the anchura de los hombros;
  3. place yourself on the plancha, it is to decide, to extend the arms and to remain with the body straight in a horizontal position. This is the initial and final position of the inflections;
  4. Flexion and extend the arms, touching the skin with the pecho and climbing again, raising the body with the power of the arms to return to the plancha position.

The number of inflections can increase as the strength increases over time and, even, can also be performed in a more complex way, being able to be performed alone with one arm, with the arms supported on a bench or giving a spanking extender los arms, for example.

3. Sitting on one leg

The seats with a leg, also called squat pistol, contribute to the increase in strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Asimism, helps to develop the muscles of the legs and core, which are the abdominal, lumbar, gluteal and hip muscles.

To correctly perform the sittings with a leg, you must:

  1. stand up and to support a solo pie in el suelo with los arms extended to adelante;
  2. make the seats extending the leg that is not touching the skin and flexing the other rodilla while the chair moves back and below, keeping the trunk slightly inclined while lowering.

It is important that while sitting down, the abdomen remains contracted to balance the weight of the body.

4. Salto al cajon

Los Saltos al Cajón, also known as box jumps, They are part of an exercise that, in addition to helping to improve cardiorespiratory capacity, works all the muscles of the legs and buttocks, helping to tone them.

To correctly execute the exercise, you must:

  1. stand up with the feet separated at the level of the shoulder height and a suitable distance from the box;
  2. Make a sit-down, flexando las rodillas mientras se mueve la cadera hacia ago y hacia abajo y, luego, extending las piernas to return to the initial position. Find out how to do the sittings correctly;
  3. Jump to the top of the caja at the moment of extending the legs in order to perform the sitting. You must jump, balancing your arms, and pose your feet on the cliff top, extend your legs and, finally, jump back and repeat the sitting position.

The height of the chest will vary according to the stature and the person’s impulse capacity, thus preventing falls and injuries.

5. Balloon against the wall

The exercise of pelota against the wall is very complete, you can work on the legs and arms with tan only a movement. This exercise is performed with a medical balloon.

To perform this exercise, you must:

  1. stand up in front of a wall with the legs separated at the level of the shoulder height;
  2. Make a sit-down, inflecting the rodillas mientras if you move the chair back and down and, luego, extending the legs to return to the initial position;
  3. Launch the balloon against the wallstretching the arms to the side and to the top;
  4. catch the balloon I mean, this falls and, then, returns to perform a sit-down and launch the balloon again.

training plan crossfit to perform at home

The training of crossfit it must be short and very intense and it must contribute to the caloric expenditure. a training of crossfit It must start with a warm-up with the end of preparing the body for the intensity of the exercises and must finish with stretching to help the muscle to recover.

The time of each training depends on the rhythm of each person to carry out the exercises, without embargo, they must be performed as quickly as possible.

An example of training from crossfit that helps slimming and can be done at home with a duration of 40 minutes can be:

training plan exercises repetitions/time

20 heels + 15 flexes + 50 heels a la cuerda

2 times

20 sentillas + 15 pellets against la pared

10 cajon jumps + 8 burpees

5 seats with one leg + 3 inflections

3 times

Lo Faster Possible


Piernas + Arms + Columna

20 seconds

Apart from the training, the person who performs crossfit you must have a diet rich in vegetables, lean meats and semillas and you must avoid processed and refined foods, such as white sugar, galletas and instant foods and consumption lists.

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