18 month old baby: peso, sueño and desarrollo

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The 18 month old baby is quite restless and enjoys playing with other children. Those who started walking early can completely master this action, being able to jump with a single foot, run and climb and lower stairs without difficulty, even though babies who started walking later, between 12 and 15 months, even feel a little more insecure and they need more help to jump and climb stairs, for example.

It is common that he does not want to be more in the carriola and prefers to walk on the street, but it is always best to take it from the hand when he is in a public place. A council that can contribute to the formation of the arch of the plant of los pies and to improve the development of its way of walking it is led to the beach so that it can walk barefoot. If the baby doesn’t like the sensation of the arena, it can be tried with media.

What is the baby’s weight

In the table below, several growth parameters are indicated that are taken during this age and depending on the sex, with a minimum and superior range in which the baby should be found both in weight and in height and in cephalic circumference:

parameters children girls
Weight 9.8 – 12.2 kg 9.0 – 11.6 kg
Height 79.5 – 85.0 cm 78.0 – 84.0 cm
Cephalic perimeter 46.0 – 48.7 cm 45.0 – 47.5 cm
Monthly weight gain 200 g 200 g

18 month old baby boy

For the general, the child wakes up early and happy, asking for it to be removed from the cuna, which indicates that it rests well and is ready for a new day full of adventures and discoveries. If he slept badly and didn’t get enough rest, he might want to stay on the cuna for longer, sucking his finger or the pacifier, to rest a little longer.

Despite sleeping around 11 or 12 hours during the night, these babies do not need a morning nap that lasts less than 1 to 2 hours. On the other hand, the pesos can start to emerge from this stage.

Note: 7 simple tips to help your child sleep faster.

Development of an 18 month old baby

The 18-month-old baby doesn’t sit still and is always looking to play, so you shouldn’t leave it alone because you can usually open drawers to climb, climb and reach the game you want, which could be dangerous. It also needs to be left unsupervised in the swimming pool, in the bath or around a bucket with water, it could be left unattended.

As you know how to go up on the sofa and on the sillas, these must be located on the sides of the windows, so you can go up to see what is happening outside, with the risk of falling. Placing protective screens or screens in the windows is a good way to protect children from this type of accident.

Children of 18 months can tell where their nose is, feet and other parts of their body; les gustan los kisses y hugos cariñosos, and also can hug their favorite stuffed animals.

In this stage, the baby must master around 10 to 12 words, among which they generally include mamá, papa, no, chao, among others; aunque no suenen exactly as son en realidad. To help the baby to pronounce other words, if he can show an object and say how it is called. These children enjoy a lot to learn about nature and animals, so when they see a dog, for example, you can sign up and define the word dog, or show them in books and magazines other things, such as flowers, trees and pellets, for example.

Watch the following video to know what the baby is doing at this stage and how you can help it develop faster:

Games for the 18 month old baby

In this phase, the child enjoys a lot of writing and writing, so you can have a blackboard at home so you can make your drawings, and a table with pencils and papers so you can also make them there. However, some may prefer the walls of the house, in which case you have to choose to let the child have all the walls together, which can be painted with a special paint that is easy to wash.

The 18-month-old baby can already be recognized in photos and is capable of putting together puzzles from a few difficult times. You can choose a magazine page and cut it into 6 pieces, for example, and ask the baby to set it up. If the baby is not able to perform the puzzle, it is not a cause for concern, you put the appropriate games for her age can be enough to stimulate her intelligence and reasoning capacity.

For 18-month-old babies, they like the games that emit sounds and that they can push; however, they also have fun pushing the banks and sillas, as if they were juguetes.

Feeding an 18 month old baby

Children at this stage can eat all that an adult eats, as long as there is a healthy diet rich in fiber, vegetables, fruits and meat with little fat. From this moment on, the child’s growth becomes a little less intense and this generates a decrease in his appetite.

Although milk is an excellent source of calcium, there are other foods that also have a good amount of this mineral, which children should consume to strengthen their bones and guarantee their growth, such as queso, broccoli, yogurt, for example.

Children of 18 months can eat bread and galletas, but they should not be very sweet and not be rellenos, but they can be more simple, better; such as soda or cornstarch galletas. In spite of the fact that you can eat desserts, the best baby foods, food, fruit and gelatin.

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