2 year old boy: weight, sueño and development

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The 2-year-old child begins to be more independent, runs, wants to climb furniture and stairs without help, and gets proud of his achievements. In addition, the niño tambien can have some skills, such as getting up and sitting down without help, saying words that denote a desire to evacuate or urinate, indicating that he can learn to pipí and popó in el excusado, or bacinica

After 2 years, the child manages to form sentences of 2 to 4 words, but even he does not know how to express his feelings, desires and interests, therefore, he could have a more challenging behavior, without wanting to share the games with other children. y haciendo lo que se le dijo que no hiciera, for example.

It is important to remember that the development of skills, sueño and children’s games must be individualized. Therefore, in case you have doubts about the development of the child, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician.

The following table indicates the ideal weight range for a 2-year-old child, as well as other important parameters such as height and head circumference, according to the World Health Organization:

children girls


9.8 to 15.3 kg

9 to 14.9 kg


81.8 to 94.9 cm

80 to 92.9 cm

Cephalic perimeter

46.9 to 49.5 cm

46.8 to 48.5 cm

monthly weight gain

150 g

150 g

If the child presents values ​​above or below the presented intervals, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician to evaluate the child’s development.

Sueno del Niño

During the years, the baby for the general needs around 11 hours of sweating during the night and, between 1 hour and average to 2 hours, and a siesta during the day.

Some children, even can wake up during the night, it is recommended that the parents or those responsible review the country, the temperature or speak in a low voice with the child until he calms down. After a few minutes, the child will get used to sleeping alone, and if he wakes up at night, he will learn to reconcile his sleep alone.

It is important to point out that it is not recommended to take the child to sleep in the bed of the priests or those responsible, as this increases the risk of accidents, such as falls and suffocation, in addition to promoting inseguridad and dependence on the child.

2 year old baby development

The 2-year-old children start running, play with both feet and climb on furniture and stairs without help, being proud of their achievements.

In this phase, the child may have some skills, such as walking, getting up and sitting down without help, knowing how to remove clothes, decir some words that denote the ability to evacuate or urinate, indicating that he/she knows how to pee or pop in the toilet or in the toilet.

The 2-year-old child manages to form sentences of 2 to 4 words, he knows the names of the people and the parts of the body, he understands simple instructions such as “take your shoes and put them in the drawer”, in addition to repeating some words that listen in conversations.

However, the kid doesn’t even know how to express his feelings, desires or interests, so he can have a more challenging behavior, saying a lot of “no”, hiding bags so he doesn’t give them to other kids and doing what he says that doesn’t hiciera, for example.

2 year crisis

The 2-year crisis is a change that can be observed in the behavior of some children at this stage. This happens because during the 2 years the child begins to have a great desire for independence. However, even at the same time, the child learns that there are some rules that must be complied with.

This desire to discover the world around them, prevented by the rules imposed by the adults, can generate frustration, leading the child to confront the orders given by the priests or guardians, to make berrinches or even to ask other children, for example .

Some suggestions to help parents or caregivers during this stage of the child are:

  • When the child is nervous, try to keep calm, redirecting his attention to another place, situation or person;
  • Do not give in to the demands of the child when he has a tantrum, to prevent him from repeating this behavior;
  • Avoid giving extensive explanations about the reason for your bad behavior when you are nervous, since you can not understand and can be more nervous;
  • If you are in the street, take a deep breath, respond calmly and take the child to a more reserved place until it calms down;
  • Praise whenever the child has good behavior.

Understand and respect that this behavior is just a change that the child is going through, so you can try to help cultivate patience and calm to deal better with these situations.

baby food

The 2-year-old child has all the children, so he can eat the same family meals, having 6 meals a day, including 3 fruit buds in the morning and afternoon snacks and 2 buds “salads”, hechas with vegetables, cereals, tubers, legumes and proteins, in the lunch and in the scene, as explained below:

  • breakfast: 1 portion of fresh fruit + maternal milk or 200 ml of whole cow milk;
  • Morning meal: 1 portion of fresh fruit + maternal milk or 200 ml of whole cow milk;
  • food and scene: 1 spoonful of vegetable soup, such as rice or pasta, or tubers, such as ñame and camote + 2 spoonfuls of vegetable soup, such as chayote, calabaza and espinada + 2 spoonfuls of legume soup, such as beans + 1 spoonful of protein soup, such as meat, pescado or huevo;
  • afternoon snack: 1 portion of fresh fruit + maternal milk or 200 ml of whole cow milk;
  • Scene: maternal milk or 200 ml of whole cow milk.

In addition, it is also important to avoid foods rich in fat and sugar, such as sweets, chocolates, ice cream and fried foods, which can contribute to the formation of inappropriate eating habits, favoring the emergence of diseases such as diabetes and obesity in childhood or adolescence.

water intake

It is recommended to give the child 1.3 liters of water a day, considering the amount of water present in the mother’s milk, in the cow’s milk and in the pure water.

It is important that the pure water is filtered or hervida, having to give it in a pot or cup, distribute it throughout the day and between the children’s foods.

The games are fundamental to stimulate the imagination, creativity and ability to interact and communicate with the child. Some games and activities for the child with 2 years old are:

  • Dejar al niño play with sticks, rams, piedritas and small pots in the arena of the playa or of an sandero. Sit around and teach the child to make different drawings in the arena, using feet, hands and fingers;
  • Play a boxing game, drawing some geometric shapes, such as a circle, triangle and square on a paper table, and on another day, drawing the same shapes. Cut and ask the child to put the figures in the corresponding place.

Another activity suggested for the 2-year-old is the reading of the book with simple stories and images to help stimulate memory, sight and hearing, being able to mark the figures and ask the name of the animals or objects for the child.

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