7 best foods for diabetics

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The best foods for diabetics are those that contain a good amount of fiber, such as wholegrain cereals, fruits and fresh vegetables, which help to maintain a balanced blood glucose level.

Excessive fat intake can also cause blood glucose levels to increase, which is why foods rich in lean proteins, such as milk and its derivatives with a low level of fat and lean meats such as chicken, huevos, tofu or fish , they are good food for those who suffer from diabetes.

According to the Brazilian Society of Diabetes and the World Health Organization (WHO), the diet of a person with diabetes must be equal to what any other person, is decir, balanced and varied. However, you should pay attention to the amounts of carbohydrates in the diet, including fresh fruits, which are healthy, can increase blood sugar levels if they are consumed in large amounts.

The best foods recommended for diabetics include:

1. Whole grain cereals

Wholegrain cereals, such as wholegrain rice, oatmeal, wholegrain pasta, quinoa, maize, whole wheat or buckwheat, are sources of carbohydrates and are excellent foods for diabetics, as they are rich in fibers that help to slowly release the ingested carbohydrates, controlling blood sugar levels. Know all the whole grains and the benefits of these foods during the day.

Apart from this, whole grain cereals provide fibers that help reduce the absorption of fat from food, which contributes to the prevention of diseases such as obesity, atherosclerosis or heart attack.

2. Foods with a low glycemic index

Foods with a low glycemic index, such as yogurt, beans, lentils, manzanas, oranges, pears, ciruela or nueces, contain fibers and proteins that favor the slower absorption of carbohydrates, contributing to the balance of glucose levels in the blood, there are excellent foods that diabetic people can include on a daily basis.

3. Fresh fruits

All fresh fruits, such as orange, plantain, pear, fresh fruit or manzana, are excellent foods for diabetics and must be consumed daily. However, despite being healthy, it is important to consume up to 3 servings a day, as they contain carbohydrates, which in excess can increase blood glucose.

Also, it is important to consume whole fruits, with peel and bagazo, avoiding the juices or cooked fruits, for example, when the fruits are whole and natural, the amount of fiber is much greater, helping to control blood glucose.

Know which ones are the fruits that the diabetic can eat.

4. Fresh vegetables

Fresh vegetables, such as lechuga, tomato, ejote, calabacín or chard, are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the functioning of the organism, favoring the production of hormones, such as insulin, controlling diabetes.

Vegetables should be consumed daily during lunch and dinner, as they are excellent sources of fiber, helping to control blood glucose levels and, in addition, reduce the absorption of fat from foods, preventing cardiovascular diseases, like high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.

5. Milk and derivatives low in grease

Milk and semi-skimmed or skimmed natural yoghurt, and the cheeses with low content in grease, such as ricotta, cottage Certain fresh cheeses are great foods for diabetics, as they are low glycemic foods, which help to control blood glucose levels.

These foods must be consumed daily in the breakfast and afternoon snack, for example, they also provide calcium, a mineral that acts on the release of insulin in the body, contributing directly to the control of diabetes.

6. Lean proteins

Lean proteins, such as chicken, tofu, fish, eggs, shellfish or peas, are important as they participate in the formation of hormones, such as insulin, and are excellent foods for diabetics.

Lean proteins also have a low glycemic index, which promotes the slow release of carbohydrates from foods in the blood. For this reason, it should be consumed daily at lunch and at the scene.

7. Dried fruits

Nuts, such as pineapples, almonds or chestnuts, are rich in fibers that help control blood glucose levels. Know all the benefits of nuts and how to consume them.

Apart from this, nuts are an excellent source of healthy fats, contributing to the prevention of diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke. However, excessive consumption of fat can also increase glucose levels, which is why it is recommended to consume a maximum of 4 units per day, at lunch or during lunch, for example.

food quantity

The number of foods recommended for diabetics varies depending on the current health status, glucose levels and the age of the person. Therefore, before starting a diet for diabetes, it is recommended to go to a consultation with an endocrinologist and a nutritionist to adjust the diet according to the individual need.

In the diet for type 1 diabetics, a carbohydrate content is usually carried out according to the glucose level checked before each meal and the amount of insulin that the person is administered. See what are the treatments indicated for those with type 1 diabetes.

On the other hand, for those who have type 2 diabetes, the carbohydrate content and the diet are not used according to the average glucose value verified within a period, if the person is overweight or has another health problem , as high blood pressure high cholesterol. Find out more about how type 2 diabetes treatment is performed.

See our nutritionist how to make a diet for diabetes.

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