Now it’s Brazil’s turn: national pill is a promise to end the hangover after a night of partying

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Now it’s Brazil’s turn: national pill is a promise to end the hangover after a night of partying

Following the example of the United Kingdom, a Brazilian startup creates a supplement to relieve post-drinking symptoms; understand if it’s effective

After the launch of the hangover pill in the UK, now it is Brazil’s turn to have its own “solution” against the negative effects of excessive alcohol consumption. The product, called NEWarrived on the Brazilian market in April this year and works as a food supplement that promises to end hangover symptoms with the ingestion of three pills before starting to drink.

The Brazilian pill was conceived by the CEO and founder of NOVVO, Felipe Rebelatto, after a hectic happy hour. When he woke up the next day with an “incredible sense of well-being”, instead of the usual hangover headache and nausea, the businessman thought about what could have caused the reverse effect of the binge drinking.

“I listed everything I ate and drank the day and night before: the proteins, the drinks, the water, the performance supplements and I decided to repeat that ‘ritual’ on other occasions and, again, I woke up again”, explains Rebelatto in a release institutional released to the press.

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With that, he decided to gather all the information and began to study the causes and symptoms of hangovers, as well as attending seminars and lectures on the subject and hiring scientists to work on the development of a supplement to prevent hangovers.

After discovering that a natural ingredient could be responsible for the feeling of well-being, Rebelatto started offering and testing the formula with friends and family, receiving validation from 82% of people who tried the product.

From that, the entrepreneur went deep into the project, starting to work together with US laboratories and scientists specialized in biomaterials, toxicology and genetics, in order to improve the characteristics of the product.

In 2016, the patent was drawn up and registered. In 2019, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) gave its consent and the launch process began. The end result is a food supplement composed of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B complex, L-cysteine ​​and chitosan.

British pill x Brazilian pill: what are the differences?

In July of this year a pill called Myrkl was released in the United Kingdom and caused great euphoria by promising reduce the effects of alcohol for up to 12 hours after consumption🇧🇷 Developed by pharmaceutical De Faire Medical in partnership with the Institute of Science and Health of Pfützner, Germany, the pill must be ingested at least two hours before starting to drink.

However, the British and Brazilian product have different mechanisms of action. To understand this difference, you must first understand how a hangover happens: when consumed, alcohol is broken down by the liver into acetaldehyde, which produces acetic acid in the body, the compound that is behind the symptoms of a hangover.

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The British Pill is made up of two bacteria: the Bacillus coagulans and the Bacillus subtilis, in addition to the amino acid L-Cysteine. Together, these components break down alcohol into water and carbon dioxide, ensuring that the liver does not produce acetaldehyde and acetic acid.

The Brazilian supplement is composed of vitamins and substances that are capable of helping the body to eliminate aldehydes from the circulatory system, aiding recovery after alcohol intake🇧🇷 L-cysteine, also present in NOVVO, together with the B-complex vitamins, help eliminate and neutralize toxins, in addition to improving immune and gastrointestinal functions.

Is the Brazilian hangover supplement really effective?

“These substances [presentes no NOVVO] they can help with symptoms such as headache, nausea and fatigue, as they act as antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory”, explains Paula Pires, endocrinologist and metabologist at the University of São Paulo. “It is a food supplement, but there are still no studies that prove its effectiveness directly or that these substances directly protect us from the toxic effects of alcohol”, emphasizes the specialist.

On the other hand, the manufacturer claims that, for two years, studies were carried out to verify the effectiveness of the components used in the pill. However, the research has not yet been published.

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Regarding the Mrkyl pill, a small study was published in the scientific journal Nutrition and Metabolic Insights, carried out with 24 participants divided between the placebo group and the group that received two pills of the supplement one to 12 hours before drinking alcohol.

In the research, a 70% reduction in the amount of alcohol in the blood was observed one hour after consumption of the drink in the group that received the pill. “The criticism of this study is that it has a small number of participants, who are white and healthy, that is, there is not a great diversity. In addition, they ingested only two glasses of wine, so it is not known whether this medication would have an effect on a large amount of alcohol”, comments Tassiane Alvarenga, endocrinologist and metabologist at the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism (SBEM).

How to avoid uncomfortable symptoms after binge drinking?

While there is still no strong scientific evidence that hangover pills are capable of preventing the uncomfortable symptoms of a hangover, the best strategy for feeling good is to adopt some methods before and during the consumption of alcohol.

“Every time you drink, stay hydrated. Drink lots of water, two or three glasses for every glass of alcohol. Eat healthy before, during and after. Sleep well, don’t drive after drinking and remember: all excess is bad and we must always seek balance”, advises Tassiane.

In addition, the endocrinologist Paula also adds: “There is no use in a cold shower, coffee, teas, products with a strong smell or any other homemade medication. The important thing is hydration, carbohydrates and plenty of rest. Juices, coconut water and isotonic drinks will replace not only water, but also mineral salts and lost vitamins”, she adds.

The professional also warns about medications that reduce hangover symptoms or that promise not to cause symptoms. “In addition to not working well as hangover prevention, these medications can also encourage the individual to drink more, as he starts to think that he is protected against the harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption”, she concludes.

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