Foot problem that affects Lorena Improta affects more women than men: how is the treatment?

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Foot problem that affects Lorena Improta affects more women than men: how is the treatment?

In addition to causing severe pain and tingling in the feet, Morton’s Neuroma causes numbness and swelling in the area.

The former dancer of Faustão and digital influencer Lorena Improta announced on social networks, last Thursday, that she was diagnosed again with Morton’s Neuroma. The injury occurs to the foot nerve and causes severe pain, discomfort and sensitivity.

The artist, married to singer Léo Santana, has already undergone surgery to treat the problem — which mainly affects women aged between 20 and 50, usually depending on wearing high-heeled and pointed-toe shoes. Although uncommon, the neuroma may reappear after treatment.

“For those who accompany me here, you know that I have a problem with my foot, I’ve already had surgery, I’ve now taken the exams, the results of the exams came out and I was just talking to the doctor. […] I get devastated, because it’s my work material, I feel bad because only I know the pain I feel, I feel a lot of pain when I wear high heels, my whole foot falls asleep, it’s really bad”, said Lorena through Instagram.

What causes Morton’s Neuroma and what are the symptoms?

Morton’s neuroma can affect adult patients of any age, but It is more common to manifest in women. In general, the problem is caused by the reaction of the nerve in the foot to any type of irritation, pressure or injury that occurs in the region, which can be caused by:

  • High heels: wearing high heels or shoes that are too tight puts extra pressure on the toes, which increases the chance of developing a neuroma;
  • Practice of some sports: high-impact sports activities, such as running, and sports that require the use of tight shoes, such as skiing and climbing, are risk factors for the problem;
  • Foot deformities: people with bunions, flat feet, high arches of the foot, and other deformities are also at increased risk of developing Morton’s neuroma.

The main symptoms presented are burning, tingling, and numbness in the region affected by the injury. The patient with Morton’s neuroma may also present swelling and severe pain in the feet🇧🇷 It is important to note that there is no external sign that indicates the problem, that is, the person does not have lumps or lumps in the region.

How is the treatment done?

The treatment of Morton’s neuroma can involve several approaches, such as physical therapy, in which the patient undergoes physiotherapy sessions and uses medications to relieve pain — in addition to avoiding the use of tight shoes and thin toes. However, in cases refractory to clinical treatments, there may be surgery indication for nerve resection.

“The results, in general, are good, with improvements in symptoms in a more evident way. However, it is a surgery in which you are going to resect a nerve and you can, in some cases, be left with some area of ​​the finger with a little loss of sensitivity”, explained Luiz Carlos Ribeiro Lara, president of ABTPé (Brazilian Association of Ankle and Foot Medicine and Surgery) in a previous interview to MinhaVida.

To prevent the problem, ideally, the person avoid wearing very high heels and, if applicable, set a time limit for using this type of shoe. Lower and wider models, which exercise less pressure on foot and offer more stability, are the most suitable for not exposing the feet to the pressure that causes the neuroma.

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