Vape with vitamins to train goes viral on the networks, but Anvisa warns

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The “Iz Pod” is an electronic smoking device that promises to boost your mood. Its sale, however, is prohibited in Brazil.

In recent days, a video has circulated on the internet touting a vape, a type of electronic smoking device (DEF), made with vitamins. The advertisement is for a device called Iz Pod which, supposedly, promises to increase disposition and performance during physical activity.

According to videoreleased on social networks by a profile called “Iz Health Pod”, the vape is made from a nicotine-free vitamin concentrate and the absorption of nutrients is made by the mucosa from the inhalation of steam. “Here is the secret to maintaining high performance on a daily basis. With ‘Power’, you guarantee the energy needed to perform the most varied tasks, without damage to health and with a citrus mint flavor that makes it even more delicious”, says the advertisement.

When doing an internet search on the product, it is possible to find different types of Iz Pod for different purposes: rejuvenation, immune support, relaxation, sleep improvement, focus and energy. The “Power”, mentioned in the advertisement, falls into the last category, containing vitamin B12, vitamin B6, L-theanine, L-lysine and taurine.

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Given the repercussions of the case, the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) published a statement emphasizing that there is no authorization in Brazil for any electronic devices for smoking, with the commercialization, importation and advertising of these products being prohibited, regardless of their composition and purpose. Therefore, the “vape with vitamins” is also prohibited from being marketed and publicized.

“The Resolution of the Collegiate Board – RDC 46/2009, which prohibits electronic devices for smoking, is applicable to any accessories and refills intended for use in any electronic device for smoking”, says the note from Anvisa. “With regard to dietary supplements, the rule is no different. The presentation of vitamins and other foods offered in the form of electronic devices for smoking is prohibited, considering that the device itself is not allowed and that food supplements are products for oral ingestion”, he adds.

Risks of electronic smoking devices

You electronic smoking devices (EDFs)popularly known as electronic cigarettes or vapes, have been banned by Anvisa since 2009, but continue to be sold illegally in Brazil. These devices consist mostly of a rechargeable lithium battery and a cartridge or refill containing liquid nicotine.

The ban in Brazil is based on scientific studies that have already shown that the use of electronic cigarettes can increase the risk of smoking and addictionin addition to cause cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurological damage. In addition, a study carried out at Duke University, in the United States, found that the concentrations of toxins in vapes with flavor are higher than recommended, increasing the risk of organ poisoning.

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Even devices that do not contain nicotine, such as the Iz Pod, can pose health risks. According to the National Cancer Institute (Inca), electronic cigarette vapor contains flavorings and numerous other additives, including toxic and carcinogenic substances that can cause a number of diseases, such as pulmonary emphysema, dermatitis, pneumonia and asthma.

The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also created a specific name for a lung disease linked to the use of electronic cigarettes, called Evali. The term is an abbreviation in English for “lung injury associated with the use of products such as electronic cigarettes or vaping”.

Evali includes symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, fever, nausea, diarrhea, cough, abdominal pain, chills, and weight loss. Its treatment is still being studied by researchers. In general, it is recommended to suspend the use of electronic cigarettes, and antiviral medications may be used.

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