Pillows for hemorrhoids: learn how to choose the ideal model and when to use it

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Pillows for hemorrhoids are allies in everyday life, helping to avoid pain and discomfort

Hemorrhoids are the name given to blood vessels in the anus when they are dilated. It can be internal or external, causing discomfort. So pillows for those with hemorrhoids are great! MinhaVida has prepared a small guide to help you choose the best option.

Why use a hemorrhoid pillow?

Because it is located in the anus, even sitting in a chair can be uncomfortable. So, pillows for hemorrhoids, especially the models that have a hole in the middle, are great allies. Inflatable models can be used anywhere.

pillow formats

Most have a hollow circle in the middle, adapting to the body and avoiding discomfort in the hemorrhoid. But other shapes are possible, such as squares, ovals and even shapes like flowers, for example.

Available Hemorrhoid Cushion Materials

They can be found in different materials, such as latex, gel, polystyrene microbead, air inflatable, water inflatable and fabric.

Latex pads are more resistant and firm. This model is ideal to have at home, for example, to perform different tasks throughout the day without bothering you. The gel option is malleable, adapting to the body and providing more comfort and stability.

The model made with polystyrene microbead is firmer. Because it has resin in the composition, it is a more resistant option than gel and latex, making it last longer. However, it can be uncomfortable depending on the hemorrhoid.

Inflatable models are less stable than other options, but the air alternative, for example, is a great option to take to different places.

Square therapy pillow with hole, Natural Home Care – R$ 47.90

Reproduction/Amazon Reproduction/Amazon

In a square and inflatable format, its operation is based on water. It relieves hemorrhoid pain and offers more relief from buttock pressure. Find at amazon for BRL 47.90.

Oval pillow with hole and theva removable cover, COPESPUMA – BRL 208.90

Reproduction/Amazon Reproduction/Amazon

The removable cover of the oval pillow mainly helps with cleaning. Perfect for those who have hemorrhoids or are undergoing post-op. available at amazon for BRL 208.90.

Rubber Therapeutic Cushion, Mercur – R$ 104.99

Reproduction/Amazon Reproduction/Amazon

From the Mercur brand, the cushion made of rubber is highly resistant and is suitable for all occasions. Inflatable, it can be inflated with air and carried anywhere. for sale at amazon for BRL 104.99.

Round anti-decubitus inflatable pillow, Bioflorence – R$ 40.90

Reproduction/Amazon Reproduction/Amazon

Round and inflatable, the Bioflorence pillow is ideal for all occasions, even out-of-home events. Essential for those with hemorrhoids. Find at amazon for BRL 40.90.

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