Ointment for hemorrhoids: 6 options most indicated in the treatment

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With a focus on symptom relief, such as pain and itching, some ointments may include corticoid or lidocaine in the composition.

Ointments for hemorrhoids are indicated for the relief of symptoms, such as pain or burning when using the bathroom, extreme itching and bleeding. The most common ones include Proctan, Proctyl and Ultraproct, but the indication may vary according to the degree of the disease.

“Haemorrhoidal thrombosis usually resolves spontaneously, with or without the ointment, and the ointment can help with pain relief. Already in chronic hemorrhoids, ointments can alleviate some symptoms, but do not solve the problem. In this case, it may be necessary to perform an office or surgical procedure”, explained coloproctologist Marcelo Giusti previously to MinhaVida.

In the case of internal hemorrhoids, the indication is the use of ointments in suppository form, since they hurt less the anal region, according to Vanessa Prado, Physician at the Digestive Apparatus Specialty Center at Hospital Nove de Julho and member of the Brazilian Society of Digestive Apparatus Surgery (SBCD).

It is important to highlight that the use of creams should be referred to a specialist doctor. Ointments that contain corticoids in their composition, if used improperly, can cause skin atrophy and worsen local symptoms. To better understand the indication of ointment for hemorrhoids, MinhaVida selected the seven most used options for relieving the symptoms of the disease. Check out!

1. Proctan or Proctosan

Proctan, whose active ingredient is hydrocortisone acetate, is an ointment whose components act to combat the pain caused by hemorrhoids. The anesthetic and drying effect also contributes to reducing inflammation — acting directly on cracks, eczema, pain and bleeding in the anal region. The product is marketed in the form of a tube containing 25g, and is indicated for adult use only.

2. Bepanthol derma

Bepantol derma contains the dexpanthenol as an active ingredient and is used to treat cracks in the anal area. Usually, the cream does not cause pain when in contact with the region and its moisturizing properties help to reduce discomfort. The product is marketed in tubes containing 30g.

3. Proctyl

Proctyl ointment is especially indicated for hemorrhoids accompanied by inflammation and bleeding, itching and eczema in the anal area. It quickly eliminates bleeding, secretion and itching, prevents infections and promotes tissue regeneration. The product is sold as a tube, containing 30g of ointment accompanied by 10 disposable applicators.

4. Ultraproct

Indicated for the relief of pain, swelling, burning and itching associated with hemorrhoids, Ultraprotect contains an ointment with analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic action — and helps relieve symptoms in the anal area. The product is marketed as an aluminum tube with 30g of rectal cream plus cannula.

5. Procts H

Indeed anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial, the action of Procts H cream is expected within a few minutes after application, relieving the discomfort of the hemorrhoid. The ointment is sold in a tube containing 30g of product and 10 applicators.

6. Hemovirus

Hemovirtus is an ointment that contains lidocaine in the composition and promotes relief in the unpleasant sensations caused by hemorrhoids. Signs of improvement in symptoms may occur within days of starting treatment. The ointment is marketed in tubes containing 50g.

Ointment for hemorrhoids in pregnancy and postpartum

None of the listed ointments should be used during pregnancy or by women who are breastfeeding without specialist advice. If the pregnant woman has the symptoms caused by hemorrhoids, it is essential that she seek professional help.

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