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This website offers space for columnists, media collectives, influencers and full openness to the participation of independent communities.

To independent content producers:

The creation of this website is the responsibility of collectives and independent journalists, as well as all authorial content is the responsibility of their respective creators. The creation, alteration or replication of content from an external source must be accompanied by Creative Commons terms, citation of the source, annotation of links and authorship, with a detailed description of its copyright. All content that does not follow these rules may, at any time, with or without the author’s request, be summarily removed.

Government news agencies partially fit these rules, and the author of content in a government structure cannot request removal, except in the case of a successful judicial request.

The use of names created with the purpose of preserving the authors in content that qualifies as a denunciation, public exposure of a relevant fact or of interest, which brings risks to the creator’s physical or psychological integrity, may use heteronyms or abbreviations (the depending on the prior authorization of the collectives that make up its management). In this case, the preservation of the author’s identity must be ensured as a journalistic source and the content must be verified by at least three editors from different groups.

Content produced by government sources must include the “Official” signage or preceded by a badge (picture signage included via software) or additional verification. Warning: Not all browsers support this technology.

To readers:

The vehicle is independent, making use of advertising to pay for its servers and hosting. No profit is measured by journalists or contributors, and all services provided in this system are free (except for infomercial text*).

The vehicle is not for profit, it is not part of any institution. In case of excess resources for payment of hosting and servers, the amounts must be used for replication of content on social networks or for various social actions.

*Informercial text: charged the maximum amount stipulated in an informal table, reflects the cost of publishing text and images, as well as videos, offered by press officers or representatives of institutions, whose value is divided into payment of lifetime hosting costs, domain and compensation to the content publisher. It is not allowed to use the service for profit or creation of pro-labore in any way. The entire operation of this service takes place between the journalist/author himself and the interested party.

Resume bank:

This service is offered to those who subscribe to our free newsletter, with suggestions and tips about the curriculum, presentation of vacancies, motivational content, and many other items. The subscriber may leave the service only by informing his interest in unsubscribing.

The data informed by the user, such as the curriculum, may undergo revision, alteration.


It is permissible to advertise public utilities, in almost all circumstances free of charge. However, fees and compensation may be required – if onerous.

To produce content of public interest, click Write at the top of this page (you will have your account verified before publishing).

The website allows the reporting of any disagreement with the terms of use. To report, use the contact form.

About Salutio.org

We know how information often arrives skewed and unverified. The spread of fake news or failure to check is often confusing and causes irreversible damage. In addition, large media outlets limit the public utility of their work (with paywalls) by forcing their readers to pay twice for such articles. On the one hand, they sell institutional advertising to governments, on the other, they charge subscriptions. In health news, the same thing.

The Independent Council ‘SALUTIO’ is a Media Observatory, it often verifies and replicates material produced externally by agencies that use public resources or social support, always identified and verified by independent journalists, maintaining the source and a permanently active link to the origin and the author if original content. In addition to this type of story, SALUTIO.org independently produces exclusive content.

We are non-profit, our work is based exclusively on identifying the public utility of news content, preserving sources (in case of complaints), and quickly checking local, regional, national and, sometimes, international news. Although all information is checked, we are not responsible for the use of the content. Always seek help from a registered doctor.

Reports from public news agencies -or those financed by states- are understood by SALUTIO.org as content whose replication from the perspective of public utility can take place at any time, just attributing the source. In case of advertising on the platform: deactivated after reaching the value of the international server.

SALUTIO.org counts on your participation, come and be part of the volunteers who fight the spread of fake news on their own, sovereign. Your identity will always be preserved.

Established in southeastern Brazil – Since July 2008 (before Brazilian Natural Medicine)

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